South Sudan Civil War: Refugees flee the atrocities – BBC News

United Nations officials rarely use the words ‘genocide’ or ‘ethnic cleaning’, but they say the violence in South Sudan has the potential to be just that. Fighting has been raging there between political and ethnic factions since a delicate peace deal was shattered in July. That has forced hundreds of thousands to flee across the border into Uganda. Our Africa Correspondent Alastair Leithead has met some of those making the trip, and has this report.

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  1. As someone who knew refugees from Sudan these comment are shocking, u see a 2:40 minute video and u think u know it all

  2. Quite sad seeing a people literally destroy themselves. These people are even taller than the Dutch people here in The Netherlands and some have gone on to fulfill lives as fantastic basketball players in the USA via refugee camps. These kids we see all have massive potential in some area and it is absolutely tragic to see it being destroyed over senseless violence.

  3. Would Europe, Canada, & UK accept the African refugees fleeing from war like they did with the middle east????

  4. 21stcenturywire . com/2016/12/16/reports-at-least-10-nato-military-officers-captured-by-syrian-special-forces-this-morning-in-east-aleppo-bunker/

  5. Send them all to Germanistan they can get chummy with that 12 year old boy who tried to blow up a market and Town Hall.

  6. The BBC would rather cover this than what the immigrant crisis is causing in Europe. The BBC is false news and is attempting to brainwash everyone.

  7. Well BBC ….. If you Actually reported real news rather than fabricating it … then maybe we wouldn’t have so many problems around the globe……

  8. People in so many African countries are suffering and starving. Why only now is this important enough to be reported on?

  9. Only been a country in it’s own right for a year or two, and already they are having a brutal civil War, slaughtering each other, and seeking "refugee" status in foreign coun tries, placing enormous strain on others. Yet still we are invited by our politically-correct media idiots to believe that black africans are just the same as we White people in the West, and ought to allowed into the West, unchecked and unsupervised, in their MILLIONS and MULTI-MILLIONS. LET’S LET THESE WRETCHES KILL EACH OTHER OFF COMPLETELY, I say.

  10. it is very difficult for international community to make the person has trauma to lead the country I condemns the ICC also because they hung up some leader who did not do any while left killer to kill peopl sorry!

  11. Yeah right BBC. That footage looked staged. You staged those locals to walk across a bridge for your story. Fake News BBC, why do you expect us to buy it. Why should anyone in Britain go to jail because of your Lies because they don’t want to pay your Jimmy Savile License?

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