South Africa's Olympic runner Caster Semenya loses appeal on testosterone ruling

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One week to go before South Africa’s elections. The ruling Anc facing several tough opposition parties. We’ll spotlight one of the strongest, the EFF party.
Olympic runner Caster Semenya loses her case to compete as a woman in all races. The South African Athlete vowing the court decision won’t hold her back.
And in the middle of conflict, an island in DR Congo’s lake Kivu is the only place untouched by militia groups. Now one couple is trying to attract tourists there.

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12 Responses

  1. Let them take the steroids so all have same Testosterone levels or make a separate division for these athletes. Banning these athletes is ridiculous. Why would someone suppress the body’s natural phenomenon when she thinks it’s normal. Let the female athletes take medications to improve their performance who thinks they naturally can’t defeat opponents like Symenia.

  2. …..The ONLY fair ruling! How utterly ridiculous to expect normal women who work so hard to win, to compete against a “He/She”….

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