South Africa's leftist EFF 'not surprised' by poll result

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress is consolidating its leadership, but with diminished support base. The Economic Freedom Fighters on the other hand got more votes than in the 2014 elections.

After counting more than 4/5 of votes, the ANC was in the lead with 57.7%. The EFF says it is not entirely surprised.

“If the ANC wins this election, which seems to be the case, this is the last election it will win outright, I have no doubt about that”, said Dali Mpofu, President of the Eco…

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15 Responses

  1. If having seen Zimbabwe SA enacts the same policies, they’ll get and well deserve the same result.

  2. Burn it down on the way out, contaminate the fields with any fuel, oil or biohazard materials you can find, destroy all of the equipment and let the negros have it. They have still to this day never developed even one firearm, aircraft, ship, train, automobile. They haven’t a clue about how to do anything except destroy and play the victim, no matter where we have allowed them to live in our world they act the same. Cut off all foreign aid and come back in a few years to a dustbowl. The second time around hopefully the west will stand with South Africa and Rhodesia. Its sad to think that we could fix this problem within a few days permanently but our nations sit silent.

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