South Africa's coloured community: 'Still marginalised after apartheid' – BBC Africa

South Africa’s coloured community, the official term for mixed-race people in the country, were alienated during the country’s apartheid regime.

Many in the community now feel that the current democracy also marginalises them – that they “aren’t black enough”.

Violent protests recently rocked coloured communities across South Africa.

Fed up with gangs, drugs and unemployment, residents took their frustration to the streets.

The BBC’s Vauldi Carelse went to find out what’s at the heart of this anger.

Video journalist: Christian Parkinson


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  1. Why can’t everyone in South Africa just agree they are all South Africans? Stop attacking white farmers, a lot of them have lived there for centuries. Their families I mean. But whites shouldn’t be forming paramilitary groups to try and take over the country. It ain’t right. Everyone needs to chill.

  2. 50% of the so-called American Negroes would be considered Coloured in South Africa. While there is still some residual superior caste notions among some Blacks who are admixtured with whites and American Indians, most 2day identify as Black or African American. Barack Obama, Adam Clayton Powell, Kathleen Cleaver, Lena Horne, Muhammad Ali are classic examples of ‘couloured’ people who fully embrace their African blood. Our brothers and sisters in South Africa abd thru out Africa can and should kearn from our history.

  3. Mixed people are to be conditioned to be confused for the sake of White Imperialism,which this video seems to exploit them as having some disability,talking to them like they are blind,deaf or defective ensure they will accept the White Police state that will kill you faster than whatever the petty crime or addiction may be.I am biracial myself but have zero sympathy for those who cannot think for themselves or be with others like them.

  4. …and that’s exactly why so called so called racist extremist white and black people say stop the cukery and race mixing. The evidences in this documentary are compelling and clear for the most integration minded liberals black or whites to see! But sadly nobody will understand , well until the bomb explode and this world goes in total chaos. It happened before and it’s in biblical scripts and prophecies

  5. Lol welele if coloured people wanted to be considered black they would be, I mean literally Chinese are considered black in SA. I grew up in a coloured community as a pure Zulu, they don’t identify as black

  6. A lot of people have an opinion about "coloured people,but there is a very real lived experience and reality that comes with being coloured. Nobody can deny us our experience,or invalidate it. Racial classification varies country to country and it is not universal. Just because its applied a certain way in America doesn’t automatically mean it’s the same else where. Our diverse ancestry can’t be denied. Coloured people are multiracial. And if we want the freedom to identify as such, we can. We don’t need anybody to validate our identity.

  7. I hate how these people in these communities always find excuses for how their lives turned out. Apartheid had its injustices, but that’s no excuse for people not to go to school to further their education to improve their lives. As a girl coming from these type of communities I know exactly how these people think. They just think for the short term. For example, they motivate their kids to go and work for R3000 a month after high school instead of motivating them to invest in education and improving their lives.

  8. When I watch this documentary of life in this ‘Couloured’ community, all I see is Black people suffering and surviving and dreaming of a better life.

  9. Because your ancestors were slaves then does not mean that you are slaves now……all those colourism is an issue of history.
    History is meant to be remembered ! But it does not define us now…stop putting your mind in a cage… from Kenya and i feel sick just from watching this.

  10. I just came to laugh. hahahahhaahaaahahaaaa!
    Hows that leftist government going for you all? ahahhahhahahahahaaaaaa!

  11. To be fair socially speaking, the black community here in SA is very welcoming to coloreds, they just want to mingle with the upper people lol.

  12. Blackman is a black man! The reporter is confused and misled. Black skin color doesn’t mean it should look like a black paint. Are the people who are called white really white? Shame!

  13. We are too focused on the color issue that we forget to address the real problems in these communities.

  14. "people of colour" is more our tradition, the way in which we live, our values in what we relate to, our accent etc. In SA we definitely not black or white. This is our perception, its more a culture. We have Black, White, Malay,European and much more in us.

  15. I find this to be quite interesting. Being a mixed kid myself, I can say that anyone with mixed African ancestry here in the USA is typically identified as black. Almost regardless of how dark or light your skin tends to be. Here in the USA, if you have a noticeable African phenotype, you are classified as black. Never knew that being mixed was an issue in Africa

  16. Just like elsewhere in the world there is a growing mixed race population, we are just a multi-generational population pf mixed race problems. The same problems we face, are now faced by first generation mixed people. Time magazine has a good issue on it. Being coloured is more a culture thing, because we’re definitively not this or another.

  17. Why people there are so racist? I mean, I’m from COLOMBIA, and we have all kinds of skin and people here, and even we don’t do reports about it.

  18. I love the Adhaan of the mosque in the background 1:37 I hope South Africans to stop killing the somali ppl

  19. Never spawn with someone from a different race. I know people do but god damn it look at the results. Shunned by either race. Belonging to none. Such a shame that programmes like this make capital from it. There are indeed vampires.

  20. is your own problems you don’t want to be Blacks and you can’t be whites. I once say kunjani to One then lady then She said why are you speaking Black language to me.

  21. One drop rule is still alive all over the world. It is a fact. If you were born from a white woman, black man, (so typical) then people will define you black. Not mixed, or white.

  22. I wish their was more of a cultural term we could use instead of "coloured " because coloured people do have our own cultural traditions.. my culture is coloured but I’m black I live in Australia but I’m definitely black South African

  23. Coloured people love and worship white people and think they are better than black people. Fuck em and they can hold their own nuts

  24. most coloured people do not want anything to do with us , please miss me with the " not black" enough thing ….most of them are anti black periot ,they have been conditioned to believe they are superior than black people .

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