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A video showing a Nigerian man being brutally attacked by uniformed police in South Africa has sparked public outrage and prompted a heated discussion about the country’s attitudes towards immigrants. #BBCtrending investigates

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50 Responses

  1. Black south African iis just like the white man, those black policemen are white men in black skin, they love their white masters

  2. Anthony Diala – I hope you are back home… safe in Nigeria. Yes, we do not want you in South Africa. Please leave us in peace and move on.

  3. I am Nigerian we are here in Nigeria watching what is happening in South Africa, country with about 6 million mafia, only a month all south Africa will run away from our own country. I’m happy that the whole world knows how degerious we are, fuck South African, I my self have one target on South Africa company in Nigeria, I will make lot of money there on destruction day.

  4. If he is Nigerian then he should have been shot. He’s probably a drug merchant as are 99% of Nigerians in Cape Town.

  5. Though suffering may enjou through the night but joy comes in the morning.God sees everything,let’s put our trust in Him

  6. They kidnap kids, sell drugs, internet fraudsters. They get what they deserve. Dont comment from your cozy first world countries. Come and live here, you will feel the same.

  7. Political propaganda , just to avoid talking about the white genocide….you will get a bill one day

  8. Typical BBC. Without knowing the facts, they manipulate public opinion rather than do honest journalism. The BBC is a major part of the "Fake News" community.

  9. That entire continent is one of the most vile and dangerous places in the world. Police there absolutely have to be brutal. Low I.Q. populations, which is most of Africa, are extremely dangerous unless they are to scared to be dangerous. Why is the West getting involved there? We’re actually causing more deaths by getting involved in those people’s affairs

  10. The Nigerians in this country are sadly a bad reflection of their county, as they come here and exploit women into prostitution, major dealers in trug trafficking and involved in human trafficking. They are also specializing in kidnapping young girls for exploitation and held against their will. Perhaps BBC should do their homework and find out the truth about these Industrious people that wouldn’;t dare do it in their country – Nigeria.

  11. SA police also beat South african like this.
    its like you are telling us to treat does nigerians deff from our citizenz. f8ck you.
    i really don’t like them. all africans are great excluding nigerians

  12. Nigerians have caused untold damage in South Africa and the world over. They must leave our country as in yesterday. We do not want them in our country. It’s that simple. Where is the confusion, folks?

    I don’t really care about your negative comments. So bring them on folks. Just grow up and deal with the truth. It is afterall our country and we will decide what we want. We are tired of having every Tom, Dick and Harry dictating in our country, we do not dictate in your countries. So get lost. As soon as possible really. South Africa is not responsible for Africa. We can not continue to entertain Africa at our people’s expense. These people must rebuild the countries they have destroyed instead of running with the tails between their legs to South Africa. We are not interested in their perversion.

    The ANC sold us out when they allowed these people in our country. So, we will drive them out. How did you think SA (a third world country) would cope with millions of Africa descending to South Africa? We do not have enough resources to accommodate these people. There is absolutely no reason for this unwarranted invasion. Africa must go back home to rebuild the countries they have destroyed instead of running to South Africa. These people must use their forever "claimed" intelligence in their countries. We do not want them in our country. It’s really that simple. Quit crying about it, cause we really do not care.

  13. What is the Country of Nigeria doing about the kind of treatment of its Nigerian citizens?

  14. i watched from heaven as you help the Lord before me save my Jews i love you BBC

  15. you its me Crist child Moses Jesus wish good BBC you worship God and i want hear about good thing in Africa

  16. Excellent police work! All these illegal African immigrants should learn that ALL South Africans(citizens & police) despise their presence here. They destroying all the areas they populate into in our country. Africans that jump our border are filthy, dark animals with unbelievable stenches, they deserve being treated like this for trespassing illegally into South Africa.

  17. Humans ‘s life on Planet Earth is coming to an end. We have a couple months left

  18. this phucker did something bad….we need more police like these. Mayotte murder and rape rate will go down

  19. The women shouting in the video is a dumbfhck,first go n see the violence in cape town n carjacking because of these as whole you piece of shit police is doing their job n when they do their job you shout’police brutality?’.they should stop protecting you then youll realise how fukd you’re fkng disgusting ass

  20. moenie die poliesie altyd die skuld gee nie dis omdat ons poliesie nie die boewe mag iets doen nie dat daar daagliks mense vermoor word

  21. My thoughts is :what is the story of the man arrested, was there a reason for him getting handled like that

  22. What they don’t tell you is that the Nigerians have made a hub of crime in South Africa. All Nigerians in South Africa commit the worst crimes ever. Drug trafficking, prostitution, human trade, murders, organised crime. The list is endless. Thanks to these cops we have one less running around. Sometimes self defense is called Xenophobia, depends who says it. Zuma is behind it all. He gets a chop of the trade. All these illegals are trespassers. Why should South Africans tolerate crime. Well done to the cops for keeping our streets clean from these criminals. You cannot handle crime with decency, you treat it the way it wants to be treated.

  23. Nigerians sell drugs to your children attending school, enslave young girls and prostitute them. Promote the values of ISIS, they also hijack houses and buildings. Are involved in robberies and other crime related issues.

  24. Its only white immigrants that they respect, they are living nice. sies killing and beating your own.

  25. Nigerians are targeted because they are the ones bringing drugs, gang war and crime to SA. Fucking BBC one sided lefty shit fucks. Same in UK, same in Australia, Canada and States, Nigerians are fraudsters and famous for their antics, i work and operate in Nigeria and have plenty of Nigerian mates and those boys are the fist to admit this. lol.

  26. in nigeria, police is very nice.they always gave you a chocolate,asking if you need help.sometimes they give you cash to take a taxi if you are lost.all the police officers in nigeria respect the citizens, and they never shot an innocent pedestrian.

  27. I love how outsiders are telling us South Africans how to run our country. Typical idiots.

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