South African Gang Member: What It's Like To Be A Hitman

Sky’s Special Correspondent Alex Crawford meets a gang member who makes a living killing people, as Shrien Dewani is cleared of hiring hitmen to kill his wife Anni on their honeymoon.

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50 Responses

  1. That’s where Islam gives an examplery punishment. Chops their heads in public and no one will dare kill someone again after watching their head rolling. Everyone heard him saying he will get released again so fear of what bloody law will stop such a man from not killing another innocent people?

  2. “I’ll use all my bullets”
    “But ill keep 3”
    Yea ok with that intelligence im surprised he didnt but 9mm in that revolver lmao

  3. "If someone asked u to kill woman" what difference does it make if they’re Male or female?? Stupid woman is being sexist without knowing it

  4. The journalist are interviewing the gangsters whilst the police are watching from afar..what a shame

  5. Lol the only time south africa is on youtube with lots of views its for racism coruption or murder😂 what a country we live in

  6. 50,000 and 20,000 what, can’t be money or this guy could have gave up work years ago as he said he kills someone every day, so a bad week he would earn 140,000.

  7. I should have guessed its the British media always making south africa people like they leave in the brits are hypocrites and lies nevee trust a brits

  8. This so fake they just planned to film this, I don’t think he was gonna say all those things knowing that people who kill others have to be arrested and how did they find out that hes a hitman, thus is so fake

  9. His charges are exorbitant,I’m South African,to kill a regular person usually rate from R1000 that’s about $69 and some dudes are not fussy at all just buy him a box of 20 bullets and a bottle of whiskey and he gets to keep bullets left over from the job that way his more efficient

  10. Lol at the end of the video , takes the mask off , reporters like here’s your $50 bucks , gimme my BB gun back lmfao

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