South Africa: Xenophobic attack captured on camera – BBC News

WARNING: This video contains some Disturbing Images.
James Oatway, a South African photojournalist, witnessed the killing of a Mozambican man. He tells the BBC’s Southern Africa Correspondent Karen Allen how he tried to save the man. Three men have been arrested in connection with the killing of a Mozambican national – Emmanuel Sithole – who was clubbed and stabbed to death – in a wave of xenophobic attacks in parts of Johannesburg and Durban. At least seven people have died and more than 300 people have been arrested following assaults on immigrants who some blame for taking their jobs and rampant criminality. Photographs courtesy of: James Oatway/Sunday Times

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40 Responses

  1. This video demonstrates how reprobated South Africans are. This video shows a white man who identifies himself as a white South African relay a story of black South African barbarically murder a fellow African from Mozambique. They attack this Mozambican because they erroneously believe that he is responsible for crime and loss of their jobs. Ironically, the man who’s ancestors devastated South Africa and cause all this upset allows the whole incident to unfold in front of him whilst recording it on his camera. This white man’s status changes from initial exploiter to innocent bystander to “white saviour” as he takes the Mozambican man to hospital. Unfortunately, the man can’t be saved and so the “white saviour’s” status now becomes that of the sympathetic diplomat as he tells the rest of the world how savage Africans are. South Africans are as dumb as fuck.

  2. I can’t believe this all this people jus stood ther and watch this guy suffer such brutality…God will judge you all

  3. hahaha the arny you say ??  Im from SA and there is no army, police, or any public protection. the little bit that is still functional is the the ones that protect the big Anc heads. but im so glad this things is happining in front of your eyes now the rest of you can se the true collers of the black man .

  4. You did your best but it would have been awesome if you do that ealier…..but looking at your your eyes you are naturally good man…….the world need your kind of person more……..

  5. Traumatized my foot 🦶🏼 man you could’ve used your influence to save this man before he was stubbed instead you were busy capturing the pictures

  6. you should not blame yourself nor get tramertised you did all you could to save emmanuel with your kind heart.thank you for saving him lf you belieeve in prayer pray and you will be fine.thanky to BBC

  7. I could not stand by as 3 men with weapons attempted to take the life of another. It would scar my soul if I did.

  8. What an asshole. He saw a man being attacked and his first reaction was to take pictures?? WTF is that? Why wouldn’t he help the man?

  9. i really dont think there is any sane person that would like to invest in this country! they can take your investmest in a blink of an eye! if i were white or a foreigner, i would leave that country and watch it sink while they beg for help!

  10. That country does not pride it self on diversity and tolerance. Run for office by chanting Kill the Farmer Kill the Boer . Who the hell are you fooling. These idiots have wrecked south Africa.


  12. This is the sort of white person who will always be welcome in Africa. Can you imagine a South Africa where the white minority as a whole shared his outlook? … No apartheid, no privilege based on skin colour. It had the potential to be a beacon of hope for the whole world but sadly the struggle for equality continues. Julius Malema was the first politican to take a stand against this and he again appears to be the only one offering radical answers to the desperate inequality that plagues South Africa.

  13. South africans whom do you think are. This you have done will be done to your fellow s.africans living other nations.

  14. South Africa is a Shit Hole. We Africans should not have helped them fight apartheid. Today it’s Africans. tomorrow it will be Chinese, then Indians.

  15. Documenting does help. This guy is lucky he wasn’t knifed. Muito triste, muito…nao faz nada esse crime

  16. Why don’t you help him before they attacking him ? You are a white man, nobody is going to touch you instead of taking a picture you should help him !

  17. Thank you brother for everything you tried doing for Emmanuel l hope God bless you now l clearly understand why the Boers don’t like black South Africans

  18. they kill themself…what a sick world – black kill black nobody will be alive there – at the end!

  19. Is unfortunate we lost Mandela zuma u a disgrace to Africa u are behind this xenophobic attack by ur kinsmen

  20. I don’t know if this is xenophobia or a robbery, whatever it is it’s wrong, look how brazen these murderers are, they obviously know they are being filmed but they don’t care, the majority of black South Africans are not killing foreign nationals because they believe foreigners are taking their jobs, since apartheid ended there had been no rush of black South Africans seeking employment……the poorer black South Africans don’t want jobs or an education they would rather steal and murder to pay for their drug habits, they would rather inject the blood from a used syringe that their friends have just used because they trust their friends (which shows the mentality of these fools) into their already fucked up veins running the risk of AIDS and HIV ……black South Africans are every bit as racist as the whites that oppressed them during the years of apartheid in fact they are worse; protesting and burning down businesses destroying their own chances of acquiring employment ( even if it is low payed it’s better than nothing) but no it’s easier to go around in gangs intimidating innocent people…….When you try and listen to them or understand them you will be told you are a white racist because they tar everyone with the same brush ……….they see themselves as Warriors but they are not they are criminals they are ignorant and still tribal and cannot deal with the truth,…….to give an opinion is not racial it’s called free speak ……… South Africans are just spitting out the same old nonsense blaming the foreigners for all their problems ……foreigners are bringing businesses to South Africa in time those businesses could grow bringing prosperity and growth and employment……blame your own government for your countries economic failings……take your protests to your government.

  21. RIP and God Bless Emmanuel and God Bless this man for trying to help him.

    If South Africa has to deploy the army to Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town to maintain peace, order and prevent unnecessary killings like this, then they should do that.

  22. I support whites to own and colonize south africa! and we should chase south africans from other african countries

  23. Both the Anglicans as well as the Afrikaners should leave the nation for some ten years, and leave the place for Mandela’s people to run the show. Within ten years, the people will get their senses back.

  24. Should be clear that the problem of unemployment or poor education, if the South African government can not govern this country, then it is too sad, the idea of Africa’s problems of poverty and education, neighboring countries can only go to South Africa to work, then that is regional economic disparities problem, the South African government should restrict immigration and to improve their education and employment of the poor. Overall the South African government’s ability to govern bad.South Africa is rich in resources, as long as people are hardworking, and improve the quality of education, reduce government corruption, these problems can easily be solved, such as South Africa’s development is really regrettable.  South Africa has the knowledge and vision hope people can see it.Poverty is the root of the problem, there are a lot of resources in South Africa, as long as a good use, and increase investment in education, it is easy to develop the economy,  government incompetence.

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