South Africa violence: Army deployment in Cape Town extended

The South African army has been ordered to stay for an extra three months in parts of Cape Town suffering gang violence.
Troops have backed police in an area notorious for drug gangs since last month.
But people living there say the military’s presence has not really helped.
Al Jazeera’s Fahmida Miller reports from Cape Town.

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42 Responses

  1. Tomorrow they will tell us Nigerians are the problem. South African are inhuman and quickly look for who to blame for their woo

  2. The ANC government isnt doing enough. The death rate increased with army presence. I suspect governemnt officials are the drug suppliers

  3. If the DA can truly convince the south african people they wont bring back apartheid while bringing conservative policies to the table then south africa might get back on track. A true democracy has periodic changes in government and i think south Africa is in need of one in 2024

  4. Im american indian but i have some family in SA who talk about carrying machine guns in order to protect themselves from being shot and robbed. I don’t know much about the conflict however I really wish for a peaceful solution.

  5. Where are those Nigerian stupid people and lazy only people How are smart are just EFF leader and their member .

  6. See how stupid that female soldier looked with her Kpot sitting gangster??? Women need to stick to what they do best; having kids and cooking! Not playing soldier.

  7. Whites! Living in africa?…i mean i know blacks living in white countries,coming from africa and settling with whites!

  8. South Africa they say other people from Africans countries who are in South Africa are the ones killing South Africans, crazy people. Shame on this people

  9. My fellow SA citizens I am complaining 2day just like our fellow black African Americans in the US that after apartheid 25yrs on.
    Various settlements like Cape Town our government should have been broken them up to allow for better integration racism is at an all time high.
    It’s not just violence but what the apartheid regime did in having 4 race classes at 4 different locations was and still is Pure evil at its greatest all because of their so called religion.
    I understand white and black at one side ok but for us in their eyes were all black the British know that best.
    So I have also suggested to government instead of deploying troops to our own blood and wasting tax payers money why don’t we just relocate all of these people causing trouble all over the country,
    and have 20 of them per area that will sort them

  10. South Africa has been in decline for decades. Army patrolling Cape town streets… it’s just another step in this process. It’s sad that these once proud countries are slowly turning into this.

  11. And then the DA think they can run the country but are failing to take care of gang wars.What a bunch of imbeciles.

  12. This better than NOTHING…just worried about the LONG TERM! The first weekend the murder rate went down from 40 something to 20 something per weekend! We must ALL work together to STOP this CANCER in South African SOCIETY!

  13. Now S. Africa is like every other African country. They will be cutting off hands and feet soon. After Mandela EVERY politician has been involved in graft and corruption just like EVERY African country. Much like Chicago and Detroit. What was murder rate, and crime rate during apartheid? Not, not advocating that, just curious and comparing. In just another few years it will be another sewer pit. Dont invest in Africa, they do not and will not change. Leave them to their behavior.

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