South Africa election 2019: Is Ramaphosa's ANC losing support? | DW News

South Africa’s governing African National Congress is holding its final campaign rally ahead of the country’s 2019 general election. Supporters poured into the Johannesburg stadium for the event. It’s aimed at boosting support for the party as it faces the strongest challenge yet to its 25 years in power. President Cyril Ramaphosa is promising new jobs and economic growth. Nelson Mandela’s ANC has governed South Africa since the racist apartheid system ended, but has been shaken by several corruption scandals. The ANC is expected to win the election, but predictions say that opposition parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters and the Democratic Alliance will make significant gains this time around.

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  1. The ANC has been found out as a tool of continued apartheid via Western powers. EFF is seeking to move African resources for Africans only, as well as removing corruption and any gains from criminal apartheid ownership. There is an undercurrent throughout Africa doing the same

  2. The new name Azania for South Africa, is a very good step. Keep it up, fellow black citizens

  3. Racist Government before 1994 ? The last 25 years have been more racist than ever we had before……to be white in South Africa is to be in a dangerous place…..! To be colored means to be side lined…racism is alive and well now more than ever…noon will every change . They have had 25 years and they have brought us to the brink of junk state…..unemployment is also due to poor education , as they keep lowering the standard instead of lifting the aspirations of young people!

  4. The entire Africa is and always were living in poverty nothing new there but to to think your government can fix that is a joke. If you get off your victim train and work at bettering yourself as people transform how you think about your own responsibility towards yourself and your family then maybe you stand a chance

  5. As a South African Abroad these elections are going to be hella Intresting, Vote ❎ responsibly kids. 👏, True Democracy, Let the people choose their leader!!!

  6. no. 1 ramaposa is not loosing he is worth 450 million do llars,
    no. 2 anc and eff are all one party
    no.3 they all work for c hina and en gland
    no. 4 c hina and en gland win and we south africans from all races looooooose

  7. Nelson Mandela is gone and anc soon be gone we need Julius malema f*** the ANC. So call African National Congress is a Plantation

  8. The Bantu are destroying that country. They are the cause of the joblessness. But as typical, they want "the government" to fix everything and "GIVE THEM JOBS" rather thsn creatingbindustry and building the nation. They do NOT say they want to work. They just want A job so tgey can brag up their new title and have sex with more women, who just want sex and to be given money. Terrible vulture. So utterly immoral!!!

  9. An African country plauged with poverty where the young people don’t do anything… You don’t say,

  10. Apes National Congress ( ANC )
    A party consisting of nothing more then narcissists ( energy sucking vampires )

  11. Notice how the reported gleefully calls the former government "racist" while ignoring the currently administrations genocide.

  12. I have been trying to negotiate a new hospital. Imagine Mr. [R] saying to us, no I want to use your Mission money to win the Election.

  13. I have been trying to get my Mission Money. Ramaposa made phone calls to White House to attempt to steal our Mission.

  14. Hope black racist goverment wins, white people leave, and we going to see how they become Congo mark 2,without white people.

  15. The anc used apartheid as a shield for their failure we have 10 million jobless youth all govt dept’s looted of billions anc divided the country along racial lines 25 years is a long time to implement their policies and allow the private sector to invest in S A our infrastructure is falling apart hospitals/schools/roads our 40 sewer plants and Eskom running out of money to supply electricity 144 mentally ill patients died brutally under their watch the crime is bad brutal murders of farmers and urban citizens hi-jackings/ brutal rapes on a daily basis we are angry there is no law & order burning down of buildings varsity libraries and looting of shops 91 and clr’s killed by the anc 17 million citizens on grant money we are 30 years behind with everything if the anc worked together with ALK race groups including our white citizens we would have been far a head there’s brothels everywhere run by Nigerians using our 11 year old black girls as sex slaves in Rosettenville and mum on this matter drug dens in all 9 provinces being sold freely in our country killing thousands of youth there is just no law & order inS A ANYMORE and cannot blame the whites they are in power for 25 years we are angry/bitter bcoz our economy is not growing at all tourist get ROBBED from the airport at gun point horror stories that we have never seen in the history of this Country if a govt cannot protect its citizens and tourist and some tourist kidnapped and murdered how can they govern a country PERIOD!!!

  16. South Africa is definitely destroyed by centuries of Apartheid ! White only brought problems !

  17. I don’t think that these ANC supporters really get how much Zuma stole from us. And it wasn’t just Zuma. He needed help. The majority of the ANC helped him. Now think about this… The party chooses the president, therefore there is a catch to him being the president. Mandela wouldn’t be proud of this ANC…..

  18. the DA should replace the tired, corrupt and racist ANC as the governing party. South Africa’s economy and democracy needs freshening up

  19. Corruption, tribalism, violence, and cronyism are endemic in almost all black African run states. Black African run S. Africa is no exception, is it Jacob?

  20. Cyril could be a Great leader for South Africa and could win huge majority, problem is: hes trying to please everybody which makes him look very weak and unable to BOLDLY take Action. If he looses these elections, this will be the reason why. But we shall see in a few hours.

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