South Africa begins seizing land from white farmers

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ exclusive: South African president Cyril Ramaphosa has just begun the process of seizing land from his own citizens, without compensation, purely due to their skin color. That’s far more racist than anything Donald Trump has ever done, of course, but elites in America barely even care. #Tucker

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50 Responses

  1. Run more stories on this, this should be a big topic. I dont follow fox so idk if it is or not.. regardless – run it more

  2. This happens in America to believe it or not places like Detroit New Orleans in Flint Michigan and see how those governments are taking care of those cities and how they’re doing not too good black people can’t govern themselves call racist call what you want it’s just fact and it’s true

  3. It’s not immoral to take back land that was stolen from true Africans. It has nothing to do about skin color. It’s a system set in place to right a wrong. The land should be returned to the people.

  4. Lol you guys are funny very funny. Lying has become second nature to you. White America. These are fake news!

  5. In Zimbabwe, they are starving due to stupidity, and South Africa is heading that way too…due to corruption and racism. 🙁 The news presenter called CR a coward 🙂 bawahhahahha

  6. What is immoral is what was done for you guys to get the land and keep it. What they are doing cannot be labeled immoral in anyway. So you’re saying that it was okay when white people colonized Africa. Something is seriously wrong with people that think this way.

  7. How the devil can you steal what’s rightfully yours?
    Reclamation is not theft. You are spouting your mouth about a Country, and a people you know absolutely nothing about.
    Not to mention a history of the most ungodly forms of injustice and human, suffering that a man could inflict upon his fellow man.
    True to form, the rightwing through FOX TV is rushing to the defense of white nationalist sympathizers in SA.
    This flagrant disregard to history,& facts are the hallmarks of propagandists,& trouble makers.

  8. Will that’s exactly what white people has done all over this planet, Australia, Brazil, South Africa and dare I say North American aka USA.

  9. This is wrong. It sounds here as if pres Ramaphosa is suggesting land grabs. He’s not stupid and won’t allow it. Talking about stealing land? This is so wrong. This is not what Ramaphosa said. That is not what he meant. These Americans think they know it all that they can control everyone.

  10. "Black people can’t be racist, whites can’t experience racism"
    "Carl, let’s go to South Africa for the weekend alight?"
    (not my post)

  11. I don’t get how entities can travel the world robbing, raping, and killing, then their descendent do nothing to atone for the sins of their fathers, and in fact continue to treat others horribly then they expect to be allowed to live in peace. Life does not work like that. You can write your own rules but there are laws above mans that have to be answered to. If my people treated other people the way their ancestors had I would literally die of shame.

  12. That’s how Fox makes a living..promoting hate for profit from Fruker Carlson whose programme is being boycotted for telling lies and promoting white nationalism to keep DERANGED trump and his KAKISTOCRACY. G’DAY from Australia.

  13. I don’t know what wrong with white people!!!!! They stole land from black people by genocide and now they claim it’s their land how?????????

  14. How can white people get mad at this? You’ve been taking land since y’all got here!..I’m confused.

  15. I mean this is reverse redlining at it’s finest at it’s finest. this is the funniest thing i’ve seen all day.

  16. The white race takes the Africans land and the Africans are taking it back. The white people didn’t pay for it so how is it being stolen.

  17. They said Americans were ignorant, now I understand why. You guys are criticizing something you don’t understand or have knowledge of. Please read the 1913 Natives Land Act Centenary and gain some background on the issue. Remember the true definition of racism is white folks treating non-white people like crap.

  18. They must prove that the land belonged to them in each and every case to be fair and not stupidly generalize.
    The population of South Africa was nowhere near the size that it is today , and most of SA was open land.
    Basically the Northern and Western Cape had no Bantus on it , only Khoisan and bushmen and was sparsely populated.
    South Africa was basically open land and their were no property laws yet , and tbh SA wasn’t even a country yet.
    In fact Bantus original origin is central Africa and they only arrived here as far as I know about 600 yrs before the European , whereas the bushmen and Khoisan have been here probably longer than 20 000 years , so maybe all the land should be given to the Khoisan and bushmen according to the logic been used here.
    Also contrary to popular ignorant generalizing mass idiotic opinion , no Africa isn’t just black ie Bantu and Congoid , just look at North Africa , it has never ever been black , but is mostly made up of Arabic peoples , who are also caucasians , as are all Semitic , Arabic , Aramaic , Indian and European peoples
    Just my 2 cents worth , know your facts before you generalize in an evil and ignorant way bases your own hatreds and biased prejudices , simplifying the facts into pre school and untruths

  19. Those lands were stolen in the 1st place by the aliens from Europe. So the South African government is doing the right thing by retrieving the land and giving them back to the appropriate people. There’s nothing wrong with seizing stolen lands from thieves and giving them back to the descendants of the original owners.
    It has nothing to do with the color of their skin. Seizing stolen lands jas nothing to do with racism, but everything to do with justice. Now, if they are not happy for losing the lands, they can leave the country just like Trump would suggest…😊😊😊

  20. I am disgusted watching this, Fox news do research before reporting on such a sensitive topic. I am from South Africa.

  21. That’s absolutely nonsense, there is will be no land expropriation without compensation in South Africa and there will never be. Don’t confuse political campaign and policy. Don’t

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