South Africa addresses increasing xenophobic attacks

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South Africa’s President vows to come down hard on anyone who has attacked foreigners during last week’s bout of xenophobic violence in Kwazulu natal province in which 3 people were killed.
Algeria’s ailing president vows to step down before April 28th. But Bouteflika has not given a date after weeks of protests against his 20 year rule.
Home is where the art is. Private homes in the Unesco heritage site of Goree island in Senegal open their doors to visitors.

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50 Responses

  1. Y’all have no idea how much we panic at hearing this, my husband is a Ghanaian national and we have kids, we are concerned about their safety at school, you never know when the violence will strike, it’s very sad. As a South African, I don’t even know how to explain this to my kids, I have to find ways to ask them if they hear anything from their peers, having to choose words so as not to scare them also is difficult for me as their mom, it’s very sad

  2. When u got people with highest level of stupidity and the lowest level of IQ this is what to expect

  3. I don’t see any of the "evil whites" participating in this attacks. Could be that the black (zulu?) south-africans are just a lazy, hateful bunch? You see how they always find someone else to blame and hate for their laziness generated shortcoming.

  4. South Africans, before 1994 , you found refuge in other African countries, like DRCongo… Just keep in mind what goes around comes around…one day soon , you will need refuge again no African will responds, especially now that the whites and Chinese own your country.. Lol enjoy killing the only people who once stood by you..keep digging your own grave

  5. Ridiculous, we complain of how fair complexion people hates dark complexion people yet we Africans we hate ourselves with passion.

  6. HERE IS THE ONLY TRUTH.. SOUTH Africa is the best because of the Boers…. PERIOD! The rest of the continent is mud huts.

  7. Shame upon Cyril the South African President, because his irresponsible utterances were a directive to unleash south African citizens onto fellow Africans. This will go down as one of the saddest days for the African continent. Just recently, South Africans were scattered around other African countries crying foul about "unfairness by the white man." Surely do they have such a short memory? Black Africans, please South Africa and try and make a life in other African countries.

  8. There are only blacks foreigners who are targets ,,whites,Indians,..are not foreigners,sometimes I wonder,why black southafricans are condemning whites people because of the Apartheid Regime meanwhile themselves are not better than whites!

  9. These west African need to stop what there doing you can’t go into some once house and start changing things. They need to stop speaking for other Africans because not every one wants the same thing.

    There doing the some thing in England with the blacks here. The English black are been discriminated against by these whites and these west African are siding white colonial masters.

  10. My question is why dont the Nigerians go back to their own country. It seems like they start trouble everywhere. They dont like Libya so they are getting kicked out, they hate Black Americans and Carribeans blacks in the UK and now South Africans. Just go back to your own countey please.

  11. There doing the some thing in England with the blacks here. The English black are been discriminated against by these whites and these west African are siding white colonial masters.

  12. The same guy who started these attack is the same guy who is trying to cruck down those who attack foreigners ..clearly ramo is stupid guy

  13. When I went through what happened and had what our former president said about this. I was very disappointed because I don’t believe south Africa is economic better off, to justify all this killings and the agonies they made other Africa fellows went through.

  14. The people that behave like thugs, thiefs, killers, pigs and rapist’s, don’t no anything about love. The hate is getting fueled on by BIGGER THUGS, THIEFS, PIGS, RAPIS’S AND KILLERS. PUPPETS IN THE BIG SCHEME OF THINGS. Sad but true. NO HOPE FOR CHANGE EVER!!!!

  15. SA’s President just said "Young white farmers shouldn’t leave S.A." Then said he would tie them to a tree if he could…..

  16. It is very unfortunate. Most of the South Africans have no idea how Nigeria helped South Africa during the Apartheid. Indeed Nigeria alone supported South Africa over 61 billions dollars from 1960 to 1995. South Africa should be eternally greatful to Nigeria.

  17. Do government gives out money to immigrants to set up their businesses? Hell no!.. That’s hardwork and sweat. If you want a job, get educated or get some skills and not sitting down idle waiting for government crumbs.. We will remind these criminals someday and history never forget and surely the internet lives. Disgusting.

  18. Mandela and Lucky Dube will be rolling in their graves in utmost disgust. I am so ashamed of RSA.


  20. It breaks my heart to see other Africans Brutally killing other Africans,we are one we are all the same.please stop this barbaric behavior.

  21. "End of Apartheid"; spawning a thousand percent increase in violent felonies, and beginning a quarter century of one-party, communist rule. Or, as Western Pajama Boys call it, "democracy".

  22. What a mess. So they start their businesses, only to be kicked out. Who’s fault if south Africans don’t own their own shops? Smh

  23. I can stop calling these treet SA guys thieves and lazy set of nonsense. Breaking into shops and looting,stilling .these are thieves .these bandits must be jail . Envy and jealousy. They want easy thks .thieves thieves .

  24. They don’t have land nearly all of lands in S.A. is in WHITE MAN hand they are fighting people who came from there neighbouring countries who can’t defend themselves have never seen African country which has backwards mentality like in SA

  25. South African is filt with illegal immigrants selling illegal drugs,farmers attacks S. A is to small for this shit.u cannot sell drugs or open a church in Nigeria u are killing us

  26. Those foreign nationals need to get themselves machine guns.any south African cockroache who comes near them …they should just shoot.cause no one is going is going to protect them.even them so called leaders.South Africa it’s a disgrace to Africa.

  27. Then China will come in with "help" and be praised. They will lend money and S.A will be next.

  28. I was Supporting the land reform in favour of the black South Africans..but now, Hell no..they can take your land and sell it for all we care…we will close our boders to you too..

  29. south africa belongs to south africans not to ALL africans. south africa is already overwhelmed with foreigners (dealing with drugs, human exploitation, criminality, house hijacking, noise, filthy, fraud, killing, job "stilling", …) I am myself a foreigner, i am against xenophobia. but we need to understand, south africans have been supporting us for too long. it s time to move to other countries in africa like nigeria (the so-called biggest economy in africa), ghana, senegal, angola, botwana, ivory coast, kenya, tanzania, mozambique, namibia, rwanda, uganda, ethiopia, gabon, … (all of these countries are the so-called fastest growing economies in africa). WHY ONLY SOUTH AFRICA? IT’S TIME TO GO (including myself)!

  30. This is clear stupidity from South Africans..They are animals…all of them!!.How could you murder people brutally like this.Foolish people is that how people treat you guys when you travel to europe and other countries??

  31. Too many people making too many babies. Stop it. Be disciplined and make a quality society, with quality people.


  33. Black South Africans are savages. The president is the most shameless psychopathic public liar that walked the earth.

  34. I lost my respect for them when i saw them beating up and burning two business men alive in public.

  35. Oh Africa ? The white man is walking freely and you are attacking your on race. Look at what this white people did to you South Africans. And you are now killing black people it’s a pity. South Africans are useless and lazy. Animals.

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