Soexit: Somalia should leave the African Union

We have major internal political problems in Somalia and to join another failed organization is outrageous and negligent.

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  1. it is not ifan african s. no more. so. we schud. unith whit. us. it is mutch beter pls. african union. my ass. bunch of ass lickers. greedy. bastards.

  2. Leave the Arab league first, Immediately leave the AU and then leave the UN the biggest scam of all time. Create HAC, and grow together, stay strong ๐Ÿ’ช.

  3. Etheopia the one who made African Union then Etheopia the one that saved every Bantu African from Libya and Somolia is a Bantu Country

  4. Quite few flaws in your argument. This would absolutely make sense when Somalia is on both feet, but to do this right now is just suicidal.

    We depend so much on neighbouring African countries militarily right now. Without proper reconciliation in Somalia currently, and the Al-shabab problem, a swift exit would mean back to early 2000s with clan squabbles and further problems with terrorism.

    Somalia’s sovereignty would also take a blow, as Ethiopia is too horny for Somaliland, and Kenya can do as at it wishes in southern-most region under the guise of creating a buffer zone due to terrorism as was their plan since the late 90s.

    It would make sense once Somalia gets back to its 70s and 80s status in terms of military might, but it’s craziness right now.

  5. They ain’t gona leave I’m east African it don’t matter what features u have its all degenerate to Prince Lucy

  6. I think you should talk about worthless Arab League which doesn’t talk about somalia and demeans somalia on the agenda of that Arab League. proven to be ineffective since it’s inception.

  7. African Union is a good idea but I do not think Somalia should be apart of it until the capital of the African Union moves to a more neutral country. Maybe Ghana which was the first sub-Saharan country to get independence. However I do believe that Somalia SHOULD leave the Arab league. #SomalExit from the Arab league.

  8. You made valid point that AU should not be funded by outsiders but leaving it does in no way benefits Somalia, having a platform where you can meet any African leader is a very important for when you want to make trade relations or conflict resolution.

  9. Somalis are one of the smartest resilient people ive seen, can come up with solutions when noone can see anything…Africa needs all Africans in the union if we are to succeed…we need somalis

  10. Kwame nkuma was The first man to started the Idea and founded The Africa union and he is Not Europen or Chinese or russian he was African blood blood from Ghana,bro stop ๐Ÿ›‘ lies to say Africa union was formed by EU or Chinese people.Somalia will not leave the Africa union.

  11. You made a good case. African Union sounds like a waste of time. It is very shameful that it is funded by Europe and is a third rate copy of the European Union. You’re right our leaders are useless – it is the complete opposite of what it was meant to be in the 1950s and 1960s. Africans have always sold out and it seems as if nothing has changed with the "AU".

  12. stop pedling lies..african nations fund african union..the european union gives as funds too..that is nothing compared with the initial illicit financial flows they get out of afrika…europe would go on it’s knees without Afrika AU was initiated by our founding fathers for securing our fragile freedoms..Africa was one.. the countries are colonial boders..europe was not one they were different countries so they are going back to being single countries like they were before becoming a is afrika becoming one like it was before being divided with colonial borders..African Union is that vehicle that will make afrika one again..

  13. Better leave the stupid arab league, somalia is better in AU… Actually they are dying for us , true they are getting money but at least they are with us, fighting side by side with out soldiers….

  14. Just look at the state of Somalia and listen to yourself! "Decency to their own people?! Are you kidding? It’s been a chaotic, violent, clan-based torn, jihad-hot bed, basket case for decades. You all scattered around the world and you think africans will lose sleep over you?! It’s who you are taught to be from very early. And you are fed illusions. You and your clans are not special! Wake your people up first about themselves before criticising the outside. Not a single entity on this earth is 100% self-sufficient! Not one!

  15. They say somalian people and some Arabian people
    The meaning of the name of {#Somalia#}
    S =some
    O = original
    M =muslims
    A =are
    L =lose
    I =in
    A =africa

  16. Somalia should not leave The Africa union,and also remove your dead mind to say somalia should not join the Africa union because of detectors presidents no you are wrong and as you mentioned you are somalian no! You not African coz all you are trying to say are lies,and donโ€™t forget The Africa union has 50 year now and still now and One day Africa will became One country.

  17. Africa needs to unite not go their separate ways. I disagree with IMAN M ALI, they just need to rid themselves of the corrupt leaders.

  18. I would say to this man that is your opinion read the history then you can get the answers there
    as we nkow some African don’t want to See somalia have two parts union Arab and Africa I think that’s great Becouse Egypt and lipiya also like this why you talking about only Somalia finally the enemy of Somalia they have known the reality

  19. Arabs will never consider Somalis one of their own… It’s better for Somalia to get along with its neighbours who don’t look down to them as the Arabs do

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