Sierra Leone's Women Behind Bars

Twelve years after Sierra Leone’s long civil war came to an end, its broken institutions and weak development indicators continue to impact on the lives of its people. Aside from the usual grim data, one statistic stands out: the number of female prisoners has doubled over the past three years.

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  1. It seems like the security in Sierra Leone has become our own enemy,It is unprofessional to arrest someone around 10 to 11 pm for loitering,the government should take note about several problems that going around Sierra Leone. 

  2. We have a long way to go. The source of all this is poverty. The police are under paid, the population has no jobs, people are going to do what they have to in order to survive. Solution is to start taking control of our resources. Stop giving away our resources for a few dollars which the corrupt pocket for self. Ensure that there is fair trade so that the citizens benefit. We have too much that is being wasted due to greed and corruption. Things need to turn around. Lets continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in our beloved Sierra Leone. 

  3. If the judicial system should be changed to bring credible justice in Sierra leone. The people of Sierra Leone should control their dangerous behavior and uphold the law. That’s why we have court and the police to safeguard us about the legal system of the country.
    About 90 percent of the people of Sierra Leone are lack of good parental backgrounds and upbringing coupled by care free of their behavior until they are arrested by the police
    . Any civilized Sierra leone will not want to live around such a dangerous people in the country .
    Therefore, I recommended, and supported the government of Sierra Leone to built more prisons to locked these criminals despite being a man or woman.They had broken the law and should be punished.
    Sierra Leone, the only country in west Africa, the people boast of doing wrong against their fellow citizens of the country without no serious punishment of the law. As a result of this, there has been continuous crimes in the country. Given an example of the rape crime in the country will soon curve down because of the excessive punishment the government had imposed on the crime. Let these men and women be jailed and rooted off from the community and place out to a separate housing.

  4. It’s a big shame for a country with a population of about 6-7 millions people and there is no development.Our leaders are all selfish.Only God will judge dem.

  5. All white women in England are thieves and harlots….Any time a white woman comes near you, she will steal from you.

  6. I am coming for you guys after 2018 elections. We need to collectively end the suffering of women in this our sweet nation.

  7. honestly im African but Sierra  Leone is just something else too much drama in that country, i dont if its just the media 

  8. And this is the same country that has just emerged from a war that had its roots back to injustice and inequality.

  9. in sierra leone the case is more then what we  see . so long the is camera them you, see police dong there work well. just go under hirding and you will no what they do best. with poor people especially with drivers,

  10. So many churches and mosques but still have wickedness in our blood.The law is blind, no justice for the poor,hypocrite politicians,lawless n many more.Attitudinal change is what sierra Leonean needs.

  11. Sierra  Leone  is  very interesting  to me,how  the  British  took  African  American  freed  slaves there, Nova Scotia, and the Carribbean  , as  settlers  years  ago. The British  saw  that the  Blacks were not happy in  Britain  and  then settled  them  there. 

  12. interesting doc. wish more people can watch this and hopefully bring changes to the justice system in the country… thanks for sharing

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