Sierra Leone's top sprinter living homeless and hungry in London

After last summer’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Sierra Leone’s top sprinter Jimmy Thoronka, 20, went missing.
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The Guardian has found him hungry and homeless in London. While in the UK, Jimmy received the devastating news that his family had been wiped out by Ebola. Then his passport and money were stolen. He tells how with no means to return home he is trying to survive on the streets.

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49 Responses

  1. Oh, please. There’s millions of English people hungry and homeless IN ENGLAND!

    What a fucking joke. You make some stupid video about one man from a third world country who is hungry and homeless and living ILLEGALLY in our country… wtf? think about your own people first.

    Now I’ve jst found out that some idiot has made a Go Fudn Me page and people have thrown thousands at him… over £20,000 so far…. OMG! I was on my way hoem today, and some dude came up to me and said "do you have a spare pound"… I’m like "what is it for"? he says I’m hungry e.t.c then he says he’s here illegally and I say where are you from, and he replies Somalia… I mean WTF? why is there so many illegals walking around? bluddy disgrace.

    I was homeless at 16 years old, I wasn’t a bad kid, my mum was just nuts at the time. So I slept on the streets at 16 for 3 months. No one done fuck all for me. I went to the council to explain and they did nothing for over 3 months, and I was only a 16 year old boy. I also went to the Polcie station, and they said I’ll have to sleep in the waiting room… that was the very first night I was homeless. This country does fuck all for their own people, especially their children.

  2. He should become a personal trainer and charge very little and set himself up. He is an athlete so he has skills other may want to learn. Best of luck.

  3. Homeless/hungry? Not really..Soon with a Council house and full Benefits,
     Brought to you by Tony BLiar!!

  4. With all the exploitation from Sierra Leone to England,they can not help a single stranded Sierra Leonian to have visa.what a shame to the British.

  5. Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Puma, New Balance where you at?!? Sponsor this man, he’s a true athlete with great never quit story.

  6. he can get food at many of the handouts .there is a small magazine style publication that lists places for homelesss ,the MANNA day centre which is 5 mins from london bridge would help

  7. What a stand-up fellow – I really applaud him for keeping his passion in spite of these odds.  I will pray for him.  I am across the ocean, or I would help him myself.  God be with him and lead him to his destiny – he has a great spirit.

  8. Now that we know where he is, better yet, now that his country knows where he is. Can it not be arranged by his government to bring him back home? Like are we really gonna let abstract conventions such as visas and passports for a person to live on the streets?

  9. Isn’t it funny how white British bastards ALWAYS find themost negative story to tell about people in the African continent. I don’t see these bastards documenting extremely negative things that happen in European countries or better yet, in Engkand and lots of negative things happen there although they live to portray their stupid country as Heaven on Eartg smh. The point I am simply trying to make us, these fucking British people rarely ever look for positive stories to write about people in the Adrican continent.

  10. Someone please give this man some food and a place to stay! 
    he’s got nothing left to live for at least do that for him! "Guardian"

  11. How can we help him? No one should suffer in this way. Are there any charities or individuals who can help him? Any ideas? I hope he gets to stay and live here in the UK in safety, peace and warmth. I would help him. Maybe we could adopt him, crowdfund him and he could run for us in the UK? Could he be another Mo Farah.Let us know how to help him, he must be so scared. He needs a lawyer. Unfortunately his story of homelessness and lack of legal status is all too familiar. Big love, hope and hugs to him.

  12. This guy is Top Sprinter in his country, I am sure a School can offer him a Job/Position as a Sprint coach.

  13. What a waste of talent, and what unfortunate circumstances. I wonder if he could qualify for the UK’s team, this guy could be put to good use.

  14. you see the Ebola virus advert came after this… there taking piss man just lost his way in life but he is optimistic about his training.If I saw this dude I would buy him a thermal vest to stomach that cold bro.

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