Sierra Leone Police Press Briefing On Constituency 110 Election – Sierra Network

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Sierra Leone Police Press Briefing On Constituency 110 Election

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13 Responses

  1. While the police were busy trying to maintain the peace, satanic enemies of the peace were crafting their mischief.

  2. Sounds like you have a hard country to police. However, I do see a lack of respect for the guy in the white shirt, why? Those who are disrespecting him tells me they were hired from the pits of your communities. Your OSD deputy commander seems to be very professional and disciplined. The rest need to be retired. Use force necessary to stop the threat, if there is a threat. SFL

  3. The police should continue to be vigilant against this street gangs, otherwise, this nation is heading to a path of political, social and civil unrest. Give no breathing space to street gangs.

  4. You guys should be ashamed praising yourself with all this thuggish and gangster stuff going on in the country all you guys know it’s to take bribe

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