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WONDERFUL NEWS People! I’m African! LOL!

I was finally able to take a genealogy DNA test to find out which part of African my family is from. Being that I am a woman, I could only trace my mothers lineage but I hope to one day trace where my fathers side is from. Thank you to African Ancestry for providing me with the ability to take this test and finally being able to bring me some closure!

Please not guys that this test ain’t cheap but there is a code you can use (“HERITAGE”) to get coins off. I don’t get a commission from anyone using the code.

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50 Responses

  1. That specific DNA test is not accurate. Try another one like 23and me and you will get more accurate results!

  2. You may actually be Congolese or a number of others. You have to understand the science behind Mtdna, Y-chromosome, and autosomal testing. It is not saying what you think. It just means exactly what it says: You share ancestry along THAT ONE LINE(out of literally thousands of lineages you have) with some people who are identified as Mende TODAY

  3. What’s interesting is that no one ever shows their africandna results. They will always show the nice colorful cover and or certificate from afar.

  4. You’re history is very very rich! Don’t just stop at these tests. You are the true gold and silver of YA’HU’AH! Shalom…

  5. It would be nice if once we find out our ancestry that we donate to them or send some sort of needed resources if needed (or desired).

  6. I wonder why they didn’t give you an actual percentage of how much DNA you share with the Mende people.
    I did a quick google search and its crazy but you literally have the exact same facial features as the women in the Mende tribe.

    Check out the orange coloured album cover to: ‘Ethnic Folkways Library FE 4322, MUSIC OF THE MENDE OF SIERRA LEONE (recorded and edited by gary schuize)
    – The woman on the front cover has the exact same nose, forehead and face structure as you. that is pretty cool 😀

  7. Makes sense. Sierra Leone is the West Coast of Africa and was part of the Slave Trade. Mostly all african amerians were taken from the west coast of africa.

  8. You could’ve just done the ancestry DNA test for not even half the price and find out everything that you are down to the exact percentage, not just your African ancestry.

  9. That shit is fake all they do is pass your DNA to other countries and give you results from people they swab in Africa smh blacks are stupid. The results be like West African countries that don’t even get along or mix so how are you Congo, Nigeria, Senegal?

  10. You are Israelite Sierra Leone means "Lion Mountain" you played yourself it means your ancestors weren’t *SLAVES* the white lie that was given to us in America

  11. I have the same maternal results. The Mande people that the Mende belong to have built large important empires.

  12. Im liberian/ west african . We have the mende tribe too and you look like you could be from Liberia. But liberia and Sierra Leone are the same tho

  13. LOL now that she wasn’t satisfied with the results, she will do research on the validity of the tests…

  14. You can test you Paternal line with any male relative of your father’s side. Maybe one of the countries you guessed is on that side of your family.

  15. It seems that anyone who have done the African Ancestry DNA one, they just give you one country and they’re done, while the others will give you a breakdown.

  16. The Mende people killed and sacrificed the so called Mongol Native American’s!!!! Y’all was killer’s 😂

  17. Remember that is only the ancestry of your mothers maternal line. So it’s basically 1/4 of the story to get the most detailed picture. You have to get an uncle from your maternal side to get those results from your mother’s side. Then for your paternal lineage, you must het your brother tested, then get a aunt on your father’s side. That would get you all four quarters, giving you a more detailed look at who has what ancestry and from what lineage. I hope this info helps.

  18. Good to see African American people proud of where they come from not saying we’re not African we’re native aborigines of America we never came from Africa …..

  19. Did the company give you your maternal haplogroup if so you can trace where you ancestors originated. For example my maternal haplogroup is L3e

  20. I found out that my ancestors originated from Sierra Leone as well, and with the Temne tribe <3

  21. You look exactly like the famous Mended mask that belongs to the secret society of women.
    I did mine. I was born in American​.  But mine came back as being 99.7% Bamileke of Cameroon.  Like you I was surprised but Also very happy!

  22. I follow a dude from Sierra Leone on fb… from his videos with the ppl in it I can totally see your features matching with theirs.

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