SAKAWA guys planning K!napping business in Ghana, Security should be t!ght – ABUSUA allerges

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23 Responses

  1. Please don’t take this literally. With all due respect that guy should face court to prove the existence of those people to be arrested. Excuse my language. Ye so s) nkwaas3m so dodo.

  2. If the above story by that young man is very true, then the National Security Agencies must involve the young man in their duties to bring down the evil acts, which has become a canker in the peaceful Country Ghana.

  3. Acient in the days white people were in Ghana for our gold and stuffs, whats was the Karma against them? Am asking you Abusua

  4. Abusua ooo Abusua you have changed for better but people still says that you are in keep saying the truth to Fordo those in it

  5. He is telling the truth. 20 years ago there’s nothing like arm robbery in Gh but today look at what’s going on

  6. The earth is becoming a Scary place to live inn. The politicians has turned the economy into their personal bank account which is creating uncertainty and disability giving rooms for crimes round the globe. How do we solve this issue

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