Rwanda denies supporting rebels in the DRC

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Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has told Al Jazeera his country isn’t responsible for a mutiny in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A UN report accused Rwanda of organising and funding the rebels led by Bosco Ntaganda. He is wanted by the International Criminal Court.

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9 Responses

  1. This just shows how evil the US and its allies are. White people are VERY deceptive indeed. just several months ago they just interviewed this President , commending him on his country and how "stable" the country and its economy is. Now theses vultures flock and gather around their potential prey. They are working in concert in their "cabels" collaborating and scheming on how they are going to over throw him. My ancestors were right as well as Native-Americans…..white men are the devil!

  2. Kagame has been lying big time, there are even tangible reports on Rwanda involvement. The smart part is that, he has been defending his country while Kabila has been quite. It is as if Kabila is also implicated to some extend.

  3. You can clearly see that he is lying big time!!! He feels guilty of atrocities committed in DRC. He has to be arrested and judged for all the bad things he has done to the Congolese people. If the international community is closing their eyes and do nothing, they are also obviously accomplices. This man is too bad for humanity, he’s evil!!! And he is backed by western countries. Instead of cooperating with DRC, they prefer supporting Rwanda and killing Congolese people. Their time is coming soo

  4. Rwanda has no natural resources. Kagame wants to invade eastern DRC in order to exploit its mineral wealth, just as he did during the Congo war 15 years ago.

    Kagame is the same man who is responsible for the assassinations of the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi which sparked the genocides.

  5. Kagame is one the Gangsters that are busy killing other Africans just for the love of power and resources. There’s is NO RESPECT for such a rubbish heartless criminal who has not learned from other dictators that the West have used before him. The lives of 6 million Congolese killed by this demon will never go in vain. Judgement day is close. Get ready to answer all the questions and face the whole world. IDIOT !!!

  6. More INSTABILITY around the world means MORE MONEY to the West, because about 15 or so of the most developed nations of the WEST control all of the largest corporations & companies that produce or owned 95% of all the crap they spread around the world.

    True, MOST of the raw & valuable resources are extracted from S. America, Africa, & Asia; but they all go to America & Europe, to be turned into superficial, addictive, and/or dangerous things which are then exported to other parts of the world.

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