Rwanda closes border with the Congo over Ebola fears

The border between the two African nations was closed after a second person this week died in the Congolese city of Goma and a family of 15 were quarantined in a rural province near Rwanda.

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50 Responses

  1. But u gotta look into ur soul and be human these ppl r coming into ur country becuz theyre fleeing poverty and violence . We gotta have morals

  2. Maybe these people will find their way to the southern US border too.
    At least then they’ll shut the whole thing down without question.
    Democrats want to feel morally pure but they don’t want to die. lol

  3. May they handle this outbreak swiftly and safely. Best of luck to the Congolese people. 🇨🇩
    And always wishing the best to the Rwandan people and their great president Paul Kagame! 🇷🇼
    Much love from the USA. 🇺🇸

  4. It’s just a matter of time until they let this loose upon the whole planet. Up until now these outbreaks ? Have all just been experiments. It’s coming. It’s part of their final solution.! Think about it?

  5. But Americans are supposed to let the Ebola virus cross are borders, because closing are border is racist! If this gets in America, i will blame democrats!

  6. Democrats want open borders. No wonder the scriptures say that half of the population will be wiped out by disease. One world no borders????

  7. Thought ebola was cured c n n reporter comes back with deadly virus ends world why do repoters stand in wind on hurricanes and visit ebola virus victims

  8. You call that a border? Ebola can easily hitchhike someone’s fart and infect those standing just feet away on the other side.

  9. White supremacy total racists KKK discriminating against Brown people in the Congo Rwanda is white supremacy

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