Russia to build a nuclear energy facility in Ethiopia

Russia’s Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov and his Ethiopian counter part Workineh Gebeyehu have agreed to work hand in hand in areas of development and security.

Sergey Lavrov said Russia will assist Ethiopia in putting together a nuclear energy facility. CGTN’S Girum Chala filed this report.

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50 Responses

  1. CHERNOBYL, FUKUSHIMA, CATHYLYNN JENNER, FUUUUUUK UUU EPRDF!!!!!! Does this have anything to do with Rex Tillerson being in the same hotel as the Russian guy, and Trump not liking Clean Energy? Climate Change is BS but pollution and Crack Head retarding farming is real (ergo sandgray I mean Tigray). Also, DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT DEBT, awwwwww fuk u EPRDF I hate Shoa, but this is retarded I’d bitch Smack the ethiretardians or the eritean agents in the EPRDF secretly supporting this who approved this, sooo hard Yohannes corpse in Sudan would call them retarded

  2. Sorry, my apologies to the State’s man, just so many concerns with nuclear energy, other than effective clean alternatives like Solar, wind mills, volcanic energy etc. Could you maybe speak to your Ethiopian colleague on rumored oil reserves in Ethiopia being siphoned of for years by Sudan from underground…. ? Again Previet and incredibly distinguished tie, love it! But Nuclear radiation would unite all againt the present administration. And seeing how developed nations including Germany deals with banning nuclear reactors, and Chernobyl Fukushima and many other countries with leakage, Ethiopians really don’t know what the Ethiopian Government is thinking. Every home could get solar panels etc. And natural gas?? Reporter needs to do some journalistic work, because many Ethiopians may have no idea how bad radiation is, no Hulk think cancer

  3. OOOOWWWWWWWW FUUUKKKKK THAT NO! They only last 100 years, leak into soil and water, has sewage that is radioactive for millions of years and must be stored but inevitably leak, cause CANCER, birth disfigurement and abnormalities, YOU and your kids WILL BE GAY homosexual same sex stuff, people will get even UGLIER and thats saying alot for shoa, Tigray no offense are the DUMBEST in International politics and farming, sooooooo stupid, EPRDF does this instead of clean energy like Solar Energy, wind mill etc. EPRDF continue this and U GOT TO GOOOOO. GET THE F OUT OF HERE! You going to let a Shoa with HIV sleep with your wife as well, u guys are some dumb f’s, this report should have at least explained the need for use of the niclears plants and they are obsolete after century or so, with needed maintenance after 50 years or so…. Didn’t Germany bann nuclear reactors as well? SOMEBODY GET AN HONEST GOOD GURAGE IN OFFICE, these are some dumb fs.

  4. Lmfao! Ethiopia has just put their country and many others in danger. They should really fix their problems first such as Oromo terrorists and other stupid tribal shit before setting up any Nuclear power plants! The morons could easily go to it, blow it up, killing themselves and tons of other people in the country causing mass cancer and birth defects on a scale not seen since Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  5. Makes sense. To repeat mistakes made prior in Europe and elsewhere. To build a nuclear power plant… In a country that has plenty of sun. Instead of building up manufacturing for renewable energy tech and powering the emerging industries with a sustainable and clean energy supply.

  6. Thx to the Russian. They are strong people over there. Africans want to be united NOW and we hav got to be strong very strong like Russian and the Chinese.

  7. it is propaganda ethiopia can’t feed its people to have nuclear plant for energy is a giant elephant let them finish the dam first and see what quantity of energy will generate from this premitive power generating.

  8. Mr Lavrov, Great Geez (Ethiopic) Tie. It looks good on you too. Ethiopian and Russia have common ground such as shared ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN FAITH and good relations with Russia that dates back to Emperor Menelik II time in 1896AD. You moral and material support during the first Ethio – Italy War (Adwa Battle) is also greatly appreciated. However, We want Russia to support the ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE and NOT the current EVIL tigre tplf regime. For surely, the EVIL tigre regime will collapse SOON and be BURRIED and will be replaced by totally NEW TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT. THUS, Russia, if you want respect from the Ethiopian people then, STAND WITH THE PEOPLE and not with the EVIL regime that is in process of DYING.

  9. Nuclear facility in an unstable fragile political environment, beware of the consequences. Islamic terrorists risks and nuclear plants

  10. Ethiopia and Russia are both orthodox countries and this means the end of the world they can throw nuclear weapons on other African or Asian countries smh! Ethiopia wants to rebuild its empire very dangerous

  11. Did i hear also biological research -Ethiopia need to trend careful with this Russians, they just spiked their former agent with nerve agent in England – Ethiopia may become Russian guinea pig.

  12. There are no such thing as nukes its just a missle the size of a school bus…or a short but…and its going to take 1 million pounds of sugar there’s no nukes Etheopia said I’m the original Etheopian everybody know we the gods I met the queen and all that y’all keep playing with these inbred degenerates and watch them start snatching ur children out they bed at night…we the first humans these nuke heads are inbred for generations nobody dated they family or married them now they hair lays Cross Wise like the degenerate Albino because they cannot produce enough protein

  13. Look at the tie that Russian FM Sergey Lavrov is wearing. It’s decorated with Ge’ez (Ethiopic) Alphabet.. It looks so cool on him. #Respect. 🇪🇹

  14. If Ethiopia is making allies with Russia, Somalia should make allies with Germany, we will let them build the best weaponry and even allow them to make nuclear weapons. We are already allies with Turkey and I suggest we should make Germany a Ally too, God willing.

  15. Type clean energy on youtube there are tons of new technology producing more energy than 5 or 10 Nuclear Plants (like wake turbines in Japan, or Geothermal the type Iceland uses, , no offense but the researchers who said yes to nuclear seem RETARDED and GREEDY, and the higher ups are acting like International HOESSSSSS. there are many clean energy sources 10 more energy poductive than a Nuclear Reactor Nuclear Reactors are like HIV, don’t f with it, and you know what FUK ERITREA TOO can’t help but think….

  16. stupid russians want to mess up africa, why would u give nuke technology to a country that still has hunger deaths in 2018

  17. One thing that bothered me was that Ethiopia was clearly stated as an ally in the soon coming Russian Invasion of Israel.

    And I sometimes asked prophecy experts about why we don’t hear anything about Russia an Ethiopia. And I usually got an answer from them that Ethiopia really means Africa. I never believed that. When the Bible says Ethiopia it means Ethiopia. Until NOW!

  18. እንዴ ራሻ ከፈልጉ አገራች አያደርጉ አገራችው ያርጉት ሊንክ አደርጏ መሬታቸው ልከጥቅም ውጭ ሁነዋ በራሻ እና ኢትዮጵያ መጥትው ገና ከአፈር ቆፈሮ ይሚበላ ህዝብ ገና ያልስልጠኑ አግሩ አጥፈቶ ኢትዮጵያ ቀራቸው ነጯቸ ደሃ አገር ኢትዮጵያ የኢትጵያ ህዝብ ንክሌር መግንባት እይሆንም እቢ እይሆንም በሉ

  19. LMMFAO if anyone believes that this is actually about nuclear energy, you’re just as stupid and gullible as the rest of the world’s clueless sheep.

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