Rescuing trafficked children of Ivory Coast – BBC News

Almost every country in the world is affected by human trafficking. Children are particularly at risk, often sold across borders to work in brothels or on farms. In Ivory Coast, an organisation called CREER has opened the region’s first centre to help rehabilitate trafficked children. The BBC’s Chris Parkinson went to the small town of Abengourou to meet Gramboute Ibrahima, a local man who rescues children, returning them to safety.

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6 Responses

  1. Can someone tell me what is child trafficking? Are they kidnapped? Who could do that to a child? They can not be human. Thank God there are people trying to help.

  2. Lovely to see some interesting comments, the public just don’t realise what is going on in the world to manufacture your food, clothes, material possessions etc … it’s all about education. We at CREER the transit centre featured in this film – (unfortunately our coordinator featured in this, Gramboute Ibrahima, has since been dismissed) try to educate those outside our doors, in villages in the region to stop trafficking as well as trying to raise awareness in Europe, North American etc

  3. this is really irrelevant but the weather looks really nice over there. its cold in the north of england…

  4. Slavery is alive and well in Africa. Funny how the blacks and liberals aren’t up in arms about this, yet they still bring up slavery from 200 years ago. Don’t suppose they can get the desired victimhood status if it’s blacks enslaving other blacks.

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