Rape as revenge in South Sudan – BBC News

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There has been a sharp rise in the number of sexual assaults in South Sudan, since fighting between two ethnic groups, the Dinka and the Nuer, erupted in December.

The UN says up to 24,000 women there are at risk.

Jane has summoned the courage to speak out to the BBC’s Karen Allen.

She describes how she cowered in the grass clutching her nine year old son as her sister in law was gang raped and shot right in front of her.

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2 Responses

  1. License to rape and kill own civilians ??!¬†¬†Beats all they are …South Sudan unmanageable government and such vermin troops must be nuked.. as fast and quick as possible to end the atrocities !
    From what I’ve heard India isn’t better either .
    Stupid tribes of warmongers and ¬†governments decimating each others ….all they can ..

  2. Its a problem all together if there are people getting killed and raped and its on the news; plain and simple. If the people can be supported and there can be a way to stop the crimes from happening with any support found providable within human possibility, under and within security measurements to provide maximized conflict resolution it is of morality and control against fear of rape crimes all over the globe. Its simply a gesturement of good faith is what I believe to help in anyways possible. Standing aside and watching is immoral. Global/ world wide security measurement should be a necessity in the mind for those who want peace to be a reality.

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