Question Time: The Gambia crisis, 24 January 2017

Former President of The Gambia Yahya Jammeh has eventually succumbed to pressure from the Economic Community of West African States to accept the outcome of last year’s elections, and hand over power to the democratically elected Adama Barrow. Jammeh caused a stir last year when he reneged on respecting the election results, after having initially promised to do so. West African leaders did not agree to grant Jammeh any immunity during negotiations to resolve the impasse, and this resulted in him fleeing into exile over the weekend. Due to safety concerns Barrow was sworn in as the new President of The Gambia at the Gambian Embassy in Dakar, Senegal last week. Meanwhile, South Africa has commended the efforts made by the international community spearheaded by ECOWAS, and the African Union with the United Nations’ support to find a peaceful resolution to the Gambian political crisis.

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  1. these pple are not real leaders but demons agents of satan like killing stealing and destroying we must pray more for them john10v10

  2. Hello my brother…I also have a little to say to that question…why is he allowed to be giving the prevelage to be taking of the wealth he did not own…That’s why he is called a dictator…He have the power over everything …without any question…

  3. Adama Barrow…..another stooge promoted by the white devils and the
    soul-less Africans selling out their peoples, another Western CIA/ECOWAS COUP.
    Poor Gambia soon will be a place of prostitution, drugs and sodomy.
    France/British Propaganda.

  4. Ecowas save the Nation, and the Gambian People appreciate ECOWAS AND ECOMIG.

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