Protesters demanding civilian rule in Sudan

Protesters in Sudan are celebrating the military coup that toppled longtime dictator Omar al-Bashir. CNN’s Nima Elbagir goes on a tour through some of the Sudanese protests in Khartoum. #CNN #News

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  1. Sudan’s previous ruler was a African dictator.
    America’s previous ruler was an African dicktaster.
    🤡🤡🌈HALF HONKLER🌈☻☻

  2. hahhaha cnn fake news and enemy of the people, so stupid, they will not be getting civilian rule, blacks are so low IQ, this is just a change of their slave owner. its easy to lie to them, the democrats know this well in the US. offer them free stuff and money and they line up to vote and then don’t do anything for them, and then cut them down and replace them with illegals to suck up their welfare money so they have less,

  3. The Sudanese has a average IQ of 65 ..That is 63 points higher then all libtards 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. It must be sooooo embarrassing to be a democrat these days. Take a look at Cher, hahahahahahaha.
    Didn’t she love immigrants yesterday. Now today she’s afraid that they’re criminals, and that Los Angeles has its own problem. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you fucking idiots!!!

  5. Hey Fake News I see you’re trying to act like a real news channel..To bad you’re failing hahahahahahaha Scumbags !!

  6. May the Sudanese people get the democracy they deserve. Then may the US get the democracy they no longer deserve as much as before.

  7. AFRICAN COUNTRIES need to start importing White People to run their governments, if they want to end poverty and start living like people in Europe or US. Only White People can Run countries fairly .. Black Leaders create misery, poverty and death

  8. Democracy will not Work in Africa until the Economy is Improved! Economy brings Democracy no other way around !

  9. Very fucking soon, my friends!
    Stay empathic and follow your heart be authentic!
    And all will be well!

  10. Right now Anderson cooper is on with the title of his story
    Source tells cnn that German bank was subpoena for trump tax returns
    That’s hilarious considering how many times cnn has been busted for fake so called cnn sources
    How about that buzzfeed story 🤣

  11. CNN’s comments generally read like an ANTIFA chat room. It’s sad that a network like CNN is known as nothing but a fake news rag. Even amongst democrats.

  12. Good on them for trying to fix their home country rather than invade and destroy the Western world.

  13. No, do not try civilian government it will bring chaos, Military always maintain order, wait until fair elections are held, Civilian transition will not work specially in Africa!

  14. Still waiting for Wolfie to apologize to America for the FAKE Russia Collusion Story for 2 1/2 years…CNN are the most VILE, IMMORAL people on earth.

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