Protesters defy military crackdown in Sudan

Protesters in Sudan are once again finding their voice, just weeks after a brutal crackdown by the military transitional government that took over power after ousting authoritarian President Omar al-Bashir.
CNN’s Ben Wedeman reports from Khartoum.

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  1. Now in Sudan, there is no law, no mental health, no humanism, no human being, and human rights are universal😭😭😭

  2. Sudan, Cameroon, these are the countries that NATO should be going into helping not, Iran, North Korea, you wanna bring freedom do it to these people

  3. PS, thank you to the news casters that put their own lives on the line EVERY day to bring us the news. Travel safe, God bless.

  4. This all behind zionists usa and eu . They dont want that the muslim countries get freedom keeping the dictators. western are the most hypocrities where is their democaracy!

  5. This is just how it is sadly but know we need to spread the world, some think “oh what will I do i can’t do anything” spread the world, contact adults like your local congressmen and let them know what’s happening in sudan. If the don’t care, then simply ask them “how would YOU feel if this was happening to you, better yet your FAMILY?” Let these people know and understand.

  6. Africa is the most violent, backwards, uneducated, homophobic, place on the planet. In many of these countries they treat women and children like property and gays can be put into prison just for having sex. CNN needs to be reporting on all of the human rights abuses in these countries.

  7. The people have risen not risen up!! There is no other direction to rise other than up
    That’s an oxymoron

  8. Guys I know that it might not seem much to help, but I made a spoken word dedicated to sudan, and I’m not looking for recognition but I just want to give someone hope even if its just one person. So I hope that it helps. Have a blessed day everyone. And keep on staying strong sudan

  9. Yknow this is the first I’m hearing about this and now I’m thinking why the fuck is every other video about trump when there’s so much more happening around the world. Don’t get me wrong he’s a crook but stories like this hold a lot more importance than a angry old hatemongerer there’s plenty of those

  10. The Sudanese are locked in conflict not because of a dictator or a new one …but because islam is not an Acrican way is not an African God it has , Africa has it’s own way it’s own culture dormant in their minds , Judaism to islam have both tried to yoke Africa to their own religious construct …some may argue Christianity isn’t African ….but i say you need to study Christ in depth Christ spoke extensively about African history and the variations of how slaves came to be …Christ spoke of Asar osiris …African pharaoh …so it is the massive influx of arabic islam and Judaism that currently pull back and forth at Sudan

  11. Tks.u for saving & supporting Sudanese people and we need investgates about prosters killed in the Khartoum capital town of the Sudan and Tks to American people and goverment American .✌✌✌✊✊✊❤

  12. Please Please #TURNOFFCNN Their rhetoric will cause brain cancer just look at all there TV anchors.

  13. Why does Concentration News Network care? Thought CNN said we didn’t have a border crisis but this week they said we now do???

  14. This country is fighting for their rights to be free and to to have a safe life for them and their families.

  15. I’m in Sudan right now, Western media is hilarious exaggerating the situation, it’s nowhere near as bad as they want the world to think

  16. Lmao I don’t know why we think democracy will instantly work in societies that have never had it. It’s easy for us because it’s been engrained for hundreds of years, these people don’t have the infrastructure to support it.

  17. USA government wouldn’t react for the killing in Africa but I would strongly involve if the country rich or oil . No values for human lives. With the support of Saudi Arabia maybe more dictators will be welcomed in White House as Sisi

  18. Sudan has a long reputation for extremism, unfair death penalties, unrealistic laws, religious persecutions, women are treated unequal… 🙁

  19. Why so much hate in the comments towards Africa?? How can someone not support peaceful protests for democracy and human rights??

  20. Funny how Goege clooney and rhianna is no where tobe found.Tell those celebritys to go down there and protest since they care so much

  21. Sudan is in a complete mess. The protesters are just regular naive folks. What’s even worse, is that they’re being led by a government opposition party that is demanding the military to give up two thirds of the legislative authority seats to the communist party. A balanced solution would be to split the legislative branch between the socialist party and the military, but the socialist party are refusing this settlement "in the name of the people".

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