Prime Time #sierraleone

PRIME TIME 15th April, 2019

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  1. Police have no right to put their hands on any body they their to protect lives and property
    Shame on sierra leone police

  2. Sierra Leonian police are premature to handle security systems in the country,how would you slap a lady.

  3. Salone people law less and challenging. I strongly believed that the police have told them to leave the area but they refused that why they used force to enforce to their order….

    Take a look at the United states police department one of the highly feared government institution in the country.. They only gives out orders once and it the responsibility of you as a citizen to respect and follow their orders or else you will be considered a threat to their safety and that were they will use force to enforce the police laws.
    I believed that what happened..
    Because salone man get dranga yas n nor respect the police…

  4. Why APC are allowing their party members to attend court. They know this would create issues. I don’t think APC should put their supporters in danger.

  5. It’s so shameful
    The give a position to people who are uneducated they have no idea of human rights. No respect for others They only hear about human rights What do u expect them to do. To be honest nooooooooo
    To act disgusting yaaaah 😎. Officers

  6. Police brutality is on the increase again under SLPP paopa. No respect for women, it could be anyone mother, sister, auntie or daughter. We really need to be mindful of what we do to others . Politics must not blind fool our brothers in uniform to take wrong orders from above and unleash them to supporters of APC, they’re Sierra Leoneans. Let’s don’t wait until it happens to one of your friends or family members before you come out and criticize. Politicians are increasing hatred among us, let’s stop it now and forever.

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