Prezo Colabo At The Commission Of Inquiry 2019 – Sierra Leone

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Prezo Colabo At The Commission Of Inquiry 2019 Live Proceedings

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49 Responses

  1. Nobody is clean as far as I concern, some people are even diverting our money out of Salone to the nearest Africa country. So that when power leave them tomorrow they will not have someone to chase them. Please we want to hear far oooh, mek wuna nor disturb us.

  2. The Commission Of Inquiry set up in Sierra Leone by His Excellency the President Julius Maada Bio is transparent, free, fair and gives opportunity for justice to come into play. Long live GrandFather of Democracy Rtd. Brigadier Bio. Samuel Marc.. j. Kamara.

  3. Fuck commission of inquiry way mada pay Davido 40,0000$ una nor call am for commission oo una go take drunken den Nar different country den for cam eat the country money thunder go fair una head

  4. Make dem Yagba colabo bo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚noto him ask for money πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. He had stolen $18,000,000 + $46, 000,000 and now he is harassing his fellow citizens in the name commission of Enquiries. Shame on you all supporting stupid process.

  6. U think Slpp are not eating money or payed money like that for crazy stuffs , How much u think they are giving bio every time travel out of the country with his team .

  7. It will never end not only in Africa or Salone but all over the world ok , y do u think bio fight to be a leader is to better his life and his family ok , watch u back ok and fight for u family age stop depending on this crazy lie nasty politician

  8. U statement make no sense , y do we have a government in any country is to make sure their is a job and food for the people ok . If their is no job or food who should be responsible for that full

  9. una go dae pa commission of inquiry tae d five years don ,this is Β very nonsenses seriously

  10. Colabo asked for 50 million and they gave him what he ask for.
    Hmmmm EBK the people of sierra Leone will never forgive you for putting our country in austerity.

  11. Colaba and his team most pay back the money because it his the people taxes monies from Isaac

  12. Twwwwwweeee wae na salone man eat the money den send dem na COI but wae den pay Davido $40,000 nor to bad tin

  13. These people are just useless and very stupid. They started writing again whiles the people are suffering for what to eat. Entertainment industry is a separate body that exist on it own. why calling Prezo Colabo for enquiry? The former Statistics General of Sierra Leone is still passing freely, after stealing tons of our country’s wealth to send his kids abroad, build houses for girlfriends. Am so dissapointed in this government. Prezo Colabo is just a cool dude that is trying to make us the upcoming musicians to be known in the world. Commission of enquiry is what they are using to take the poor people’s attention from the massive stealing that is going on. I travelled to Sierra Leone few weeks ago, there was no light, the country is so freaking hot πŸ”₯, that I have to run for my life. They are sleeping on AC’s whiles the poor can’t even afford fan, so sad.

  14. This just crazy , people are suffering no food no job thinks are hard , But the paying outside lawyers to come and do crazy stuffs . They too will still at the end of the day . Corruption will never stop stupid stuffs

  15. Prezo colabo stop too much of tucking they are trying to ask u many matters πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡±

  16. Comments made by the likes of Ibrahim Bangura are very unfortunate and unhelpful to the current efforts made by government to change the way our country is properly governed.

  17. No wonder other countries don’t take us serious… how can a man sit inside a courtroom with his glasses on and the judge or lawyers didn’t notice it. This tells you that they don’t care about the country only there pocket.

  18. All this Nigerian lawyers is just to come eat money and live ok , so we don’t have good lawyers right in Salone lol

  19. Erick this is what we Salone using big English while the uneducated are suffering , when did Salone successful in anything tell me pls

  20. Better way this commission cam because some of we never no about this money $70,000 given to ordinary artist, we are as disabled peoples are suffering without a single cent ,we don’t even have a good shelter or medical facilities.

  21. @ Ibrahim Bangura you back na artis ooooooooo. We sabe you hmmmm if we catch you aaaaay go fold you you you. You create this YouTube page and dae badheart you company artis dem and dae pretend lek u dae support the others hmmmm we don faint pa you .

  22. Cause Salone is still the same but solo and ApC have their crazy way of fulling the people . ApC they full the people with making roads while they are eating the money and people are suffering , and Slpp they are fulling the people with what they call free education and and arresting x ApC ministers and leaders of that party to full the people like they are not going to do the same crazy shits . Now people are crying no food no Jobs the country is tuff what are they doing same bs bro . But parties ok

  23. Hmmmm @Ibrahim Bangura you look don comment pass all man pan dis video πŸ™‡πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

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