Presidents Kagame, Museveni calls for immediate end to conflict

A meeting between Presidents Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has resolved to urgently put an end to the political crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Isabel Nakirya reports.

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10 Responses

  1. They UN shd leave and their shd be only AU and Chinese.bcos the UN are for the purpose of supporting western interest.simple

  2. 54 African countries,other’s Middle east countries don’t have to be to get started but African,Middle East countries,America our partner’s countries have to get started to be great. Dreams without goals and A.U one mission at a time security challenges brings positive change are just dreams United State’s of Africa. We think national security is priority 54 African countries,other’s Middle East countries other’s world. No more free trade deal they will be delivery more gun more violence, more terrorists,slave trade 54 African countries,other’s Middle East countries some white,china stolen land worse more ever in the world.Each one teach one national security is priority in 54 African countries,other’s Middle East countries other’s world. Well lets look at a map of pre-colonial Africa from the medieval period, long before Europeans had set out to colonized Africa divided Conga, South Sudan problems outside African resources well organized who is making money?. Well lets look at a map of pre-colonial Africa from the medieval period, long before Europeans had set out to colonized Africa.

    The map is “upside down” compared to traditional maps. NOTE: Our traditional maps are actually oriented the wrong way in Western nations because Europe believed they were in the north and the world was flat, when Europe is actually on the bottom of the earth and is actually the south. The Africans had far more advanced astronomy than the Europeans and the Europeans didn’t catch up to them in this regard until about the 1940s.

    “All magnets have a north-seeking pole (abbreviated to just north pole or N). It is the end that points north. This is often coloured red on a magnet or compass.

    The opposite poles of two magnets attract. Therefore, when the red end of a magnet or compass is pointing north, it is because it is being attracted in that direction by the south end of another magnet (often coloured blue) – this is the imaginary magnet inside the Earth.

    So, when we think of the Earth as a big magnet, it is the blue south pole of the magnet that is underneath the North Pole of the Earth (note the use of capitals for the place and lowercase letters for the magnetisation).

    In summary…

    There is a direction, north; the north poles of magnets line up with this direction. And the North Pole (note the capitals) is a place on the Earth towards which all compasses point. Therefore, unfortunately, the magnetisation of the North Pole and the north-seeking pole must be opposite to each other – because they attract.”

    Clear as mud?

    “A magnetic compass does not point to the geographic north pole. A magnetic compass points to the earth’s magneticpoles, which are not the same as earth’s geographic poles. Furthermore, the magnetic pole near earth’s geographic north pole is actually thesouth magnetic pole. When it comes to magnets, opposites attract. This fact means that the north end of a magnet in a compass is attracted to the south magnetic pole, which lies close to the geographic north pole. Magnetic field lines outside of a permanent magnet always run from the north magnetic pole to the south magnetic pole. Therefore, the magnetic field lines of the earth run from the southern geographic hemisphere towards the northern geographic hemisphere.”

    This is why the ancient Africans called “northern egypt” lower egypt, and southern egypt Upper Egypt,Somalia,Yemen,Libiya,South sudan,Conga. They believed the south East,West was the north. Which is true if you are relying on a magnets as the south pole is the magnetic north.

    So going back to the question, the entire continent was already full of kingdoms and peoples by the time the Europeans,China,Turkey showed up. They did indeed steal land from the Khoi, Muqdisha Somalia the San and the Nguni speaking groups and they are indeed refusing to give it back Airport Muqdisha control Somalia,Turkey businesses. They basically stole land from all those groups on that map.

    As it stands right now, there is no legislation being table to address the khoi,Somalia and san peoples who had their land stolen to be returned. At the moment it is only dealing with land stolen from 1913 or 1911 and going forward, but most of the khoi and san had their land stolen before that date by the whites.

    I don’t think some white,black are going to voluntarily return stolen land anymore than Americans or Australians are going to do it.

    South Africa has competing interest though, the question is what is South Africa going to do about. Most of the white population sits on land in the western half of the country that is traditionally khoi and san lands. Alot of the rich whites who were directly involved in the land theft have sold off their land to other whites and ran away, about half of the white population has left south africa since 1991- 1994.Today’s African sleeping wake up it isn’t about me,it is 54 African leader’s other’s Middle East countries other’s world leader’s. Unacceptable2018 African,Middle East countries,other’s world terrorists,slave trade human trafficking street women’s selling sexual in the world. It isn’t the 1881-1914 something wrong track long time long way solutions. If only African could to media to give as much attention security challenges brings positive change to the thousands of unsolved do the world leader’s key leadership,honest,accountability,transparency,safety,trusty world leader’s.Something a great than yourself. Stay true to yourself 54 African countries neighbors countries are not helping honest,corruption’s,self-interest,political dangerous long way solutions Africa problems some European,Uk,America political,economic,social control system’s. I am finding the problems,l am finding the few simple new resolution but isn’t easy.I will fix it and l can’t change the world a lone 54 African countries find meaning you find other’s Middle East,America,European,UK,Turkey, African-African-American, China all bound together purpose into a single garments of Destiny. All life is interrelated. Under the sky under the haven these is but one 54 African countries,other’s Middle East to unite power the world it just so happen the people are different diversity power the world. When 54 African leader’s,other’s Middle East leader’s other’s world leader’s keep people’s at the center of what you do, it can here an a enemous impact.

  3. This first step for all African leader’s let’s care humanity first,not an put behind this world material, we’re all human please peace for Africa an around the Globe

  4. These are the two greedy bastards trying who have brought problems to congo.u can have all propaganda meetings as you like.we in congo will never recognize.solve congolese problems? gtfoh

  5. DICTATOR KAGAME HAS CONTRIBUTED IN WAR IN CONGO CIA SLEEPING WITH IMPERIALIST though his country is clean and developing no one can suspect his barberic side…..DICTATOR MUSEVENI HAS ENJOYED THIS WAR HIS HANDS ARE FULL OF BLOOD though he pretend like old legend full of wisdom and his country is not moving in spead like other east african countries…..i pray the day old leaders dictators step aside or removed like hero mugabe AND LET CHILDREN OF AFRICA MAKE RIGHT DECISIONS FOR BLACK RACE WITHOUT PUPPETS OF IMPERIALIST

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