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  1. Africa needs development primarily and eradication of corruption. African leaders should be thinking about transforming their countries to look better than Europe, Asia or the the US. This man made a speech and never mentioned anything about development and how to tackle corruption. All he kept saying was union union union. Union is good but you need to bash African leaders more about corruption and lack of interest in development. This speech was too empty in my opinion. I personally don’t think giving speeches and complaining in the speech about Europeans or talking about union is a huge accomplishment. It’s a waste of time. The focus of these leaders should be development. Wake up!

  2. I’m a political Scientist, very analytical and of deep thots and would to say that the philosophy of United Africa and decoding the politics of colonisation HE IS SPOT ON. Very few African Leader who dared to think differently like Kwame Nkruma and Julius Nyerere are destroyed because they are about the true liberation of Africa. I’m a Nigerian living in South Africa and never for once see a different black people, we are thesame and should be living in a better continent if we can see things clearly and fight for one another and not against. We know how Africa was shared by the west according to their economic interest and not for the benefit of our people, Africa was divided so it can be ruled. Checked West Africa and you’ll see clearly how countries were shared. Nigeria (english)and all neighbouring countries made French speaking, and if the country is French speaking then the neighbouring country must be English speaking Just so that we can’t have one language or co-oporate. But it a lot of work to be done as the Africans need to be reorientated to not see ourselves as the enemy and for us not just think about our selfish self and be greedy rather to think of the wellbeing of all regardless of where we come from (brown or peach) black and white does not exist, nobody is black or white, only coined for divide.
    "With the resources Africa has we should not be talking about poverty in Africa" "the land of Africa can feed the whole world but our people are hungry".
    Why is Congo never settled? why is Zimbabwe in permanent recession? why is Nigeria always at war in her oil region, why is Sudan, Rwanda, Libya and many more in unrest? Who owns the South African reserved bank? Who controls the Stock exchange, what about the Africans in diaspora etc how is Haiti suffering in a dangerous land, how did Haitian got there? and many more.
    We need to start thinking right, asking the right questions not to start pointing fingers and fighting but so we can solve true problems for all, Know the genealogy of these things, their bad intentions and deal with them to bring new life to our people.

  3. I laud you Mr kagame. I want next you go to the UNITED NATIONS to tell off the USA to hampering the development of America

  4. the african union must create a single currency for all african countries is better for the african continent and free movement beetween african countries. it is time now

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