President Donald Trump Tweets About South Africa; South Africa Responds | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The president also had some time for South African race politics this week when he waded into the issue of ‘South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations…’ The panel discusses.
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President Donald Trump Tweets About South Africa; South Africa Responds | Morning Joe | MSNBC

50 Responses

  1. Eddie Glaud is a douchbag, laughing sarcastically at two whites murdered. 2:04/ 4:58

    Since white farmers have started arming themselves, the rapes, mutilations, burnings, and mayhem by blacks have slowed with 62 murders in 2017 and 47 in 2018. The fact that MSNBC has ignored the open black on white racism is upsetting.

  2. In South Africa white farmers are getting killed every f…king day.

    Every time you f…king eat just remember . It was a farmer that made the food that you eat

  3. These white people on South Africa dont even deserve to live There after all they have done to the black citizens of the land through the years. Tho i dont really like people getting hurt, these white people should just go back to their home lands. They r not africans, they will never be

  4. Surely these ult left news channels read these comments and must realize their lies and ignorance are not going unnoticed

  5. 2 MURDERS, ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!! Im South African, and let ME TELL YOU, tere have been MANY murders, and not straight out murder, there is TORTURE beforehand!! People burnt with boiling water, a baby boiled alive, people chopped to pieces!!! Come and stay here a while and we can have an honest conversation about this, my God, you havent got a clue!!

  6. Never mind the vile disgusting act of laughing at nearly 2000 murders and thousands more horrific maimings and brutal atrocities, just remember one thing. After the farms get taken, American assets may well be next. Good Luck!

  7. I’m South African I live in America. It’s very bad over there . Not just farm land are being taken . South Africa has only ended segregation in the 90s . They want there land back. They hate whites . Mandela was a terrorist. I’m not racist by any means . But they way he carried out his movement was with violent attacks against random civilians ( whites ) till he got what he wanted . To keep the country from going to war on its self he was let out put into office and was the first black South African president. Haven’t had a white one since . Not saying it’s bad . But for those of you who disagree by all means go there and look for yourself. I love South Africa . Cape Town 🇿🇦 but the war on race isn’t over . And the fact that is video is up just to try and throw dirt into trumps face is pitty. Nations are struggling and he is trying to investigate but they could care . Joe morning what a stupid net work of uneducated biased phony reporters. The fact that this vid has more dislikes says it all .

  8. Sorry! Every day about 4 white farming families are brutally murdered, and you broadcast fake news and then laugh about it?? Disgusting!! You should do more research!

  9. All I know is if you push whites too far, they will push back with great force. I don’t speak on behalf of the white community, even though I am, but I can see it happening already. People have had enough. We are all on the same playing field now. Time has run out for excuses. You can no longer blame a race for your inadequacies. Stop calling the white man or black man names and then expect them to come to the rescue when needed. It doesn’t work that way. (I speak to black and white racists) If we want to live in peace, you need to live in the now, not the past. I’m not in South Africa so I dont know what’s going on, but if farmers, black or white, are being killed to redistribute the land, thats called murder. That won’t end well. If you drive all white people out after all they’ve contributed, you better hope you can make it on your own. It’s just my opinion as to what may happen.

  10. There are more than just 2 farmers who wete killed… Two is more like the weekly count if it isnt more… Farm attacks in SA are real just google it and check out the images.. White south africans are being brutally mudered.

  11. If MSNBC believes its alright to seize farm lands, that are leagally owned, & have been passed down for generations, solely based on your skin color, then you they are completely RACIST. Including these racist propagandists and immoral people invited to scream more hate on MSNBC.

  12. South Africa in a downward spiral…. mark my words they are the next Mozambique ….. and in regard to Trump, well he is right and guess what USA …..Trump is gonna win his second term and non of this fake news can do anything to invert this fact …..

  13. THIS IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE! I AM SOUTH AFRICAN. FARMERS ARE BEING MURDERED ALMOST EVERYDAY! But it’s fine…maybe when they put us in consentration camps, the world will start to do something.


  15. Stop calling them farmers, they white farmers/white European bandits. We have more than 1/2 a billion true Africans farmers.

  16. Oh, and land WAS NOT taken from black farmers. WHITES settled that BARREN UNINHABITED region. The Bantu are the invaders! The Bantu tried to genocide the Khosian migrant herders as they invaded the areas around white settlements. You know NOTHING of history!

  17. This new station is full of s*** what’s going on in South Africa is very bad and something’s got to be done about it the British government should send in some reinforcements to stabilize the country

  18. People at MSNBC, before you make idiots of yourselves by offering uninformed opinions come and spend some time in the country amongst all its peoples and see for yourselves. Donald Trump is mostly correct about this. I know, I have lived here for seventy two years.

  19. i hate that they are acting as if there is no problem in South Africa, but there are farmers dying by hundreds!

  20. You are such a lier i live in South Africa the Racist ANC government is extremely racist to White South African Farmers wow just wow you are disgusting how dare you assume the fact of a country you know nothing about MSNBC new how dare.

  21. What everyone is forgetting is that the black people currently in South Africa, pretty much wiped out the people who were there before them and stole their land. Only relative Khoi San remain. If anyone should get the land, it is them, but USA please lead by example and give your country back to the Indians, Australia give yours back to the Aboriginees, England give yours back to Pagans and so on.

  22. @MSNBC HONK! you ARE left wing propaganda and not an unbiased media org reporting the truth. ANYONE here can search and easily find several speeches by black south african party leaders talking about their land grabs and worst of all the quote, "We are not calling for the murdering of whites…at least NOT YET". ANYONE can google and find numerous reports of rapes and murders on white farmers and citizens. You must be willingly blind to this or like you MSNBC, have an agenda that is furthered by this sort of persecution.

  23. You guys think this is not nessesary… They have killed 100k whites and took their farming lands… They have confirmed genocide… S.A rejects it because all the parlament personel are black so they don’t worry!!!

  24. Proof white people don’t have privilege, and too are victims does not fit your narrative so you pretend it isn’t happening. This is the news people.

  25. Anybody laughing this off as a conspiracy theory when the countries third biggest political party suggests that "slaughtering of whites" is a possibility is just pathetic.

  26. Wow from Australia just as pathetic as CNN wow just pathetic you low life maggots endorsing literal genocide but oh there white dose not suit your narrative but when it happens I hope you and cnn are sued and held responsible

  27. Get your facts straight, come stay here for a while, experience it first hand then tell the world what you think.

  28. By context, if any American here is in agreement with what is happeninh in South Africa, may I suggest you lead by good example and evict all Afro Americans back to Africa, white Americans remove yourself to Europe and hand back ALL of the USA to the native Indians, ie the Cherokee, Navajo, Sioux, Apache, etc. Because it is the exact same situation.

  29. I wish that blonde reporter could go and live on a farm for a few weeks. She’d change her tune quick.

  30. Sorry MSNBC but this is fake news. I am a new generation South African born out of apartheid… and things are bad… things are very bad in South Africa. Just look at the crime statistics.

  31. MSNBC is talking a lot of lies about the history of South Africa – fake news. Under strict orders of the Queen, and her cabal, Trump ignores the genocide happening in South Africa. He’s clearly not a man to honor his conscience, he loves the money more. Karma will get them all. If you know about genocide and do nothing, you are implicated in assisting with crimes against humanity. They might not pay on this earth, but Karma will get them in the end, there is the afterlife where they will all pay the price for their crimes. They have forgotten the Mighty Law of Karma which is always above their corrupted man-made laws. Google "Farm murders," click on the images and see for yourself what is happening in South Africa

  32. Can anybody help me understand this? : How come a thief, a thug has the right to ask for compensation after you caught him, red handed, stealing your stuff? Ha ha ha ha ha. That’s taking everybody for fool !

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