Pan African Review: Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria (Benin Bronzes)

Pan African Review – covering Ethiopia Visas, Rwanda Skin Bleaching, UN Corruption and Benin Bronzes. Subscribe to Africans Arise here:

In this edition, we look at the new Ethiopia Visa on Arrivals for African visitors, Rwanda skin-bleaching crackdown, Nigeria to receive Benin Bronzes back temporarily from the British Museum and Massive UN Corruption in Uganda.

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6 Responses

  1. Great show brotha i love your topics we in the diaspora like keeping up with current events in the motherland

  2. More attention needs to be paid to the fraud that is Ancient Greece, and the truth that is the foundation of civilization, this being Black Africa.

  3. Great commentary as usual! Also, I really enjoy this type of format. Multiple articles in a single video makes it kind of like a podcast.

  4. Please the channel called "uhuru " is totally against east Africans and he think he represent Africa he spread fake news against black Americans he think too only west Africa can fulfill african continent caraterria as I’m Ethiopian I’m. Offended at him when I see how he separate between us

  5. Welcome back to the AfricansArise channel and boy great topics for discussion!!!
    1. Great move by Ethiopia 🇪🇹. Leadership by example.. being the second most Pan-Africanist Nation besides Ghana 🇬🇭 to follow this move and encourage a United Africa envisioned by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Emperor Haile Selassie.. Abiy Ahmed is my man! However xenophobia is going to be a big issue… especially in countries with very high levels of crime and misconduct as in South Africa 🇿🇦. I didn’t hear any case of xenophobia in Ghana when i lived there but there were and are millions of foreigners in Ghana and the country just moved on fine and everyone had a good time. Nigerians 🇳🇬 themselves have some xenophobic elements exisiting in their country but on a much smaller scale to that os SA. Nigerian and SA governments need to seat down and do some serious talk.. an exchange program could be a great approach to promoting unity between citizens of both countries.. another thing on the hush is the criminal elements amongst Nigerians. This is what is causing the most vitriol IMO.

    2. I praise Paul Kagame! Black Chyna needs to be boycotted!!! Bleaching your skin in Africa is like signing your own death wish. I would say, let them be, but if it’s going to cost the government in treating sick citizens affected by skin bleaching then by all means they should put an end to it. A country with sick and unhealthy citizens is going to be costly economically.

    3. The UN has been disgraceful to say the least when it comes to how it manages Africa. Yes indeed, only economic prosperity is going to eradicate much of Africas problems including tribalism. I have identified this in my several videos. End poverty in Africa and you’ll see Africa at the top. AID gets nobody anywhere and certainly hasn’t aided Africa much for however long it’s been going on in Africa. What these organisations need to do is focus on and deal with the entities in the Western countries who are hell bound and adamant on raping and exploiting Africa for the natural resources and also interfering and destabilising African governments in power.

    4. The arrogance and pomposity of these Europeans especially France and Britain who stole everything they have from exploiting Africa is so sickening… The Benin Bronze artefacts need to be hidden the moment they arrive in Nigeria. And we need to be unapologetic about shaming them for stealing from Africa. That news article was just disgusting to say the least. #ThievesOfAfrica

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