One on One: Interview with Adama Barrow, The Gambia's President

TRT World talks to The Gambia’s President Adama Barrow as he marks one year in office, and lays the groundwork for the next OIC summit to be held in Banjul.

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  1. i actually respect him after watching and hearing him for the first time.
    he seems compassionate and honest.

  2. Brilliantly answered….president barrow….his confidence overwhelmedly. prepared for his obligation. All africans leaders ne eds to watch president barrow ..this man was a blessing to gamble and the continent

  3. As far as am concerned adama barrow is the greatest lier I have ever come across

  4. Under Jammeh, he pulled The Gambia out of the Commonwealth of Nations and the ICC. Also made The Gambia an Islamic Republic.

  5. You are incompetent full year nothing on board the currency is getting down electricity failure hospitals without enough drugs crime rates higher your government is worst than the former government

  6. He doesn’t seem like he has the drive and intellect to be effective at anything. How was he chosen. In a country of 2 million how was this inexperienced man with no public service history chosen.

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