NPP gov't delivers utra modern genuine cars to Ghana Police

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6 Responses

  1. Wasting of Ghanaians money, this is a Lengthy persuasion.What are the Ghana police doing for the people of Ghana? Remember, not only the security services are contributors to the state, too much priority given to some small section of people in the country why? After all this, BRIBERY is the answer, Where are the Takoradi girls?

  2. Gh police the bribes you request is too much and on the other hand, you use your office to frustrate the innocent ones. You accept bribes and turn black to become white but the Lord said "Let your wages be sufficient unto u". Good name is better than riches. Better a little with blessings than plenty with full of curses. After all there’s nothing we will carry to the grave. Be wise and do the most good for Mother Ghana.

  3. Corrupt IGP and CID is sad that people who are accomplices to Anas and murderers are being praised for nothing ,they should have beebmn sacked long time

  4. Please dont use this cars for robbery please, is tax payers money, if you do that God Will arrests you, at the spot,country distroyers, you always sing this song but you don’t do what you’re saying in the song, but you always take bribes.

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