'No grounds for optimism' on Ukraine stand-off, says Steinmeier

The German Foreign Minister has said there are no grounds for optimism in the stand-off between Ukraine and Russia.

Walter Steinmeir made the comments at a joint news conference with his Russian counterpart.

In an appeal to the emotions he said that Europe was at a crossroads, “25 years after the fall of the wall we are threatened by silence instead of dialogue, compartmentalisation instead of exchange and confrontation instead of cooperation.”

The Russian Minister agreed with Steinmeier on t…

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6 Responses

  1. So…. 
    Russia is saying: The USA and the West started the riots and were behind the change of government 
    NATO is saying: Russia is invading from the East….
    The funny part is I haven’t seen hard evidence from either side.
    I guess both sides are stupid… and the people that support either side are fucking morons.

  2. Russia should have just went in with tanks and taken over everything like the us did with the middle east, they got nukes so nobody can do shit anyway lol.

  3. Kiev has no desire for peace, all it wants is to eliminate one way or another all those people in Novorossiya who would vote against the Kiev government and policies.

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