Nigerians online reject attacks on South African businesses, govt urges restraint

A cross section of Nigerians online have criticized attacks on South African business in parts of the country. The reprisal attacks according to reports were in the commercial capital of Lagos and parts of Ibadan in the southwest region.

The first report of an attack on a South African business was from Lekki in Lagos where a Shoprite mall was attacked and looted. Major South African firms in Nigeria include: MTN, Shoprite, PEP stores and Multichoice DSTv.

For people commenting on the developmā€¦

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3 Responses

  1. How is it possible that an african is attacking an African? Lack of education from their leaders they should tell their people where they got da money to campaign for Mandela to be president of their country. stupidity in a highest form

  2. South African government be ready to pay back. What has your boarded got to do with your hopeless country killing and looting businesses? Cowards!

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