Newsroom: The rise of fake news in South Africa

Throughout 2016, there has been a sharp increase in the production and circulation of fake news in the South African media. This has resulted in a great cause for concern given the purposefully deceptive nature of the stories, in the circulation of fake news stories; ranging from misinformation, satirism, and sensationalism to biased reports. Fake news stories contain deliberately misleading information and often have prominent political agendas,For more on this We spoke to Prof Herman Wasserman who is the Director of the Centre for Film and Media studies at Cape Town University
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  1. It would also be wise for the SABC to get other views when reporting on overseas news. CNN’s reputation has been tarnished, yes the SABC seems to just accept what they say. Fake news within the social networking certainly exists, but so does real news. Just accepting what a large news entity says is just as dangerous. They also spread false news and because people tend to believe them, the damage is often more severe. Ironically, this is where the social media can help to establish a more balanced perspective.

  2. MSM has an agenda that suits the Globalist Banker-Elites.
    SABC is already facing legal action over it’s suppression of the truth… not covering protests is political and fascist, the SABC and related propaganda machines are responsible for the police brutality that never got covered leaving many dead and thousands injured, in 2016 we had protests every day but no one really knew necause of the GAG by SABC.
    Zionist run propaganda machine working for the Synagogue of Satan (*Rev 2:9 & 3:9*)

  3. SABC helped cover up the truth about Marikana – The Government and the SABC worked together to make miners look bad and the criminal SAPS were quietly ignored… SABC = Criminal-propaganda machine.

  4. False-News is the rubbish put out by the MSM
    SABC = Zionist run propaganda machine working for the Synagogue of Satan *(Rev 2:9 & 3:9)*

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