Mugabe 'resigns' : Joy in Zimbabwe's Capital Harare – BBC News

BBC News’ Ben Brown in Harare as the news of Mugabe’s resignation broke
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  1. The reason why black africans want to came to europe is because of destabilization done to there countries by the western european powers for there natural resources!!!! look at what happen in libya for example…blacks were being murdered and forced on those boats heading for europe……all because Gaddafi was going to empower african countries and the west could’nt have that!!! so they murdered him!!!! and remember at the time of ww2 there were many people from european countries, jump on boats and ship heading for Africa, to escape Hitler and the Nazi… stop acting like you whites are so superior because your not!!! black people have been on this planet long before whites people, and will be here long after you whites have gone!!! and it not me saying this, it’s your whites scientist saying this!!!!!!

  2. They fucked themselves for 37 years and still think Whites are the blame. Lol. More like your men are fuckin lazy.. ive seen documentaries showing women with kids on their backs doing all the manual labor in the villages. Mugabe empowered black men to do nothing.. 90 percent unemployed ..yep, white mans fault..

  3. Zimbabweans took to the streets to march and protest, but no building was burnt, no property was looted, no reported deaths or injuries. This is what a peaceful protest entails, and it was effective, violence is not necessary, just one people and one goal. I am so proud of my country!

  4. fingers crossed, "please no civil war, please no civil war, please no civil war, not another Libya, not another Libya".

  5. The amount of ignorance here is appalling. So many of you have been brainwashed. It’s truly sad to see… Mugabe had no redeeming qualities. None. He was egotistical, corrupt, greedy, racist, and destroyed Zimbabwe and what made it great. It’s going to be a long road back and I pray leadership is found that will give that half a chance.

  6. The hate of men will pass, and dictators die,
    And the power they took from the people will return to the people
    And so long as men die, liberty will never perish

  7. I don’t know Zimbabwe, I’m not confident that this means change. I’m from the DR Congo, so of course I support your desire to rid yourself of this despot. And it’s great that he’s gone! However, will this bring about change? His resignation came about following a coup, and this wasn’t even a real coup because the person who lead it was number two in command when Mugabe was in power: Mnangagwa. It seems more like a transition from one autocrat to another, rather than a new start for your country. I hope the results you want actually come to fruition, because change for Zimbabwe will bring other African countries suffering under dictatorial regimes closer to change too. I’m just not confident that in your case, with the factors involved, that it’s actually what will happen. We’ll see.

  8. lol bbc is happy because their white friends can take back the lands but use a black puppet in office

  9. When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices when the wicked perish there shout of joy…so is Mugabe’s fate

  10. These people are Idiots ..Just wait and see what happens when the army takes over now that Big DaDDY Mugarbe’s out ….

  11. Bitter old England doing its best to paint camarade Mugabe black. As much as you hate him, we love him. Atleast unlike others he has stepped down.

  12. If you are African and you are fearing white colonialism, your fear is dillusional, and here’s why: If you will study our modern culture at all like you want us to do for you, you will see that our media depicts the entire continent of Africa as a deplorable area where there’s nothing but starving children, civil war, and white persecution. You will see a paradigm shift of peace, diversity, and unity that is almost 100 years old. Ffs, we here in the U.S. just got done having an AFRICAN- AMERICAN president for 8 years. As a matter of fact, we cherish NOT being in Africa so much that to tell a person to "go back to Africa" is a seriously offensive and racist hate crime. And last but not least, we all have it so good here that we are all striving to be an independent country, so much that we are defunding our territory states. Read the news on Puerto Rico if you will. And lastly, if what your version of colonialism isnt actual colonialism and if you just changed the definition of it to a white washed culture, then stop perpetuating the problem. Burn the grass off your lawns. Destroy all of your buildings with victorian style architecture. Quit listening to our music, quit driving our cars, quit going on this website, quit using our medicine to advance your lifespan, quit basically everything about your lifestyle right now and go back to worshipping poly-gods, living in mud huts, and using farm animals and war prisoners turned into slaves as your base currency, and then people will take your complaints of a white-washed society seriously.

  13. Why is it that they never list any of the so called atrocities that he committed against his people? ๐Ÿค”

  14. White people never took any land from the blacks. When Whites came into Rhodesia, they went into the mountains. It is cooler there, and there were NO BLACKS where the Whites settled. Blacks lived on the savanna. It is hot on the savanna and Whites didn’t want to live there. Whites didn’tย settle on any land that blacks were living on.

    The Whites built farms, and Rhodesia came to be the leading exporter of food in Africa. This was because of White’s ingenuity and hard work. They never stole anything. Then Britain gave money to Mugabe to buy the farms from the Whites, but instead, Mugabe took the money, bought weapons and made an army. Then he murdered Whites and stole their farms. Mugabe is a murderer, and you blacks are murderers and thieves. Blacks are the most violent race on earth. And the most ignorant and lazy.

  15. people receive their freedom form a dictator govern so they are very happy.also my country Cambodia control by a dictator government for 37 year but now a dictator government continue to control country people no receive freedom.

  16. one dictator replaces another, same old story. Africa could be such a powerful continent if the countries would just work together properly

  17. Black South Africans are suffering with no land whilst Afrikaaners prosper in a land thats not theirs. Mugabe became a dictator but i agree with 1 thing let africans have a say in their land. In UK the English complain daily about foreigners and how its not our home. Now we can go home and rebuild Great Zimbabwe

  18. Respect to the military for not allowing greed to take over and the citizens of zimbabwe for being peaceful during this transition period. No single soul was lost. I have no faith for the new president because he is no different. If Mugabe was impeached the new president would be forced to explain the killing of ndebeles and other political crimes commited under his watch were orders from above. Long live Zimbabwe and the constitution. You shocked the world.

  19. Zimbabwe i pray for you to find a Thomas Sankara or Nelson Mandela to
    fully liberate you. Don’t make the same mistake most of the rest of us
    have made in Africa. God be with you.

  20. Why are there so many negative comments here? I’m happy for them! ๐Ÿ’• every human on earth has the right to live peacefully.

  21. We didn’t do nuthin’ we will be dancing and shooting grenades we want another corrupt dictator kill whiters

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