Mugabe Casket Arrives at Stadium in Zimbabwe

The body of Zimbabwe’s former president, Robert Mugabe, arrived by helicopter to the Rufaro Stadium in Harare, Thursday, September 12, where mourners had gathered to pay their last respects.
Zimbabweans paid their respects Thursday as the body of former President Robert Mugabe lay in state at a Harare stadium and flags whipped at half-staff across the nation he ruled for 37 years. Mugabe’s body was transported by helicopter to the main sports stadium for public viewing, but the 45,000-person capacity venue was slightly more than half full of mourners.

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  1. I m inspired by his intellectual capacity, being firm and not living a pretentious life.REST IN PEACE RG MUGABE son of the soil.

  2. Chatunga inga chakura chinenga chane maturity ndafarira kubata kwaaita mai vake it really touch my heart despite kuti handifarire hangu kuwondanga kwamakaita Zimbabwe nematambudziko.Look after yourselves and your mother musavarairwe stay focus.

  3. He fought the battles but didnt mentor anyone to take over in th end ruined Zimbabwe, and only people working for overtime and out of office allowances escorted him.. Th majority tht praised him no longer showed up, hope Africans leaders ar seeing… Kudos to Mandela

  4. qwaada goombay oongawa moogwaylee Mugabe Zimbabwe ebola Baracka O Bomb poo poo tuki tuki shooot shooot shooot shooot.

  5. Why land? Just shove the scumbags coffin out and done. Did Zimbabweans go spectate to make sure he is dead?

  6. Our African hero who’s never sold out the revolution’ he fought until the end’ he defeated white monopoly long time ago now he will rest in peace

  7. Gee, will this event make a difference in the 2008 Trillion Zim currency my dooffus b-i-l bought 10 year ago? Just asking, in all honesty.

  8. HOORAY the Maggot is dead… REJOICE and be happy, the vermin is dead… Feed it to the vultures… A very happy day.. 😂🍾😁🍾😂🍾🎉🍾😂👍👍👍

  9. Haibo soogka, casket is too expenses, a baskeet was thee right one cos there’s no more bread in thee basket & he can play basketballs!

    From hero 2 ZERO

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