Morocco's king hails 'return home' to African Union

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In tonight’s edition: Morocco’s king hails his country’s return to the African Union, the famous prosecutor who got a murder conviction for Pistorius has quit, and we head to Tunisia’s overcrowded prisons.
Morocco’s king gives his first speech since his country rejoined the fold of the African Union, this as the bloc’s annual summit wraps up in Addis Ababa.
Also, the bulldog has been let out and may well set the ANC in his sights. The ferocious South African prosecutor famous for getting a murder conviction for Paralympian Oscar Pistorius quits to join an Afrikaner lobby group.
And Tunisian jails are filled to bursting with thousands of inmates sentenced for the use of marijuana. Many are hoping the courts may have to take a softer line with plans for a change in the law.

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  1. gr8 speech focus on development Gambia don’t listen to these warmongering and conflict thirsty junk journalists that always fanning the flame of destabilizing Africa with there selective and bias ICC court !!!

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