Morocco seeks to rejoin African Union

The African union says if Morocco wants to rejoin the organisation, it’s ready to handle it according to the law, which requires members to vote on the matter. According to the AU charter, Morocco has a right to be part of the AU but it decided to leave 32 years ago expressing concern over the handling of Western Sahara issue by the then Organisation of African Unity

12 Responses

  1. I thought Morocco wanted to be a EU member because Morocco is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy regionalised very democratic country.

  2. Morocco should rejoin the organisation, they are Africans and Africa should be one. no more division, you can’t stand alone like a island.

  3. Imperialist Morocco should not be allowed to rejoin. They are occupying the Democratic Sahrawi Arab Republic.

  4. Morocco is the gate to Africa, Europe and the Atlantic.and of course to the east Mecca.Allah nation the king

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