Moment Adama Barrow Takes Oath Of Office As Gambia's President

Adama Barrow becomes Gambia’s President. He took his oath at the Gambian embassy in Senegal.

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  1. But should also know that if Their regime does contrary to the expectations of the Masses, it will be the same.
    They should remember that one time, People like Hitler of German, Napoleon I & III of France, The Restored Bourbons, Musolin of Italy, Metternich of Austria, Gadhafi of Libya, Amin Dada of Uganda, Mobutu of Congo, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Bin Laden of Afaghanstan, the very Yahya Jammeh of GAMBIA and many others were once peoples Darlings but ended up being driven out by Force from their political positions,
    So please this should act as a lesson of reference.
    We Historians say
    "The restored Bourbons(Yahaya Jammeh) learnt Nothing and forgot Nothing from the past "
    In five years it should not be the reverse onto Barrow.
    Thanks friends of Peace.

  2. Alhamdulillah, and congratulations to the New president of the Gambia. May Allah allow peace and stability reign In Your beautiful Country! Ameen.

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