Mining in Ghana – The Pulse on Joy News (30-5-18)

Government poised to change state of mining in the country

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  1. “Multinational corporations detain the main share in the gold industry. Symptomatically, there are no refineries in the country. Gold is refined in Switzerland. Profits go to western countries; hardly anything is left in Ghana” THIS MUST CHANGE!

  2. What do you expect when you have outsiders mining on your land!!! They will not have our interest in mind!!! Allow Ghanians to mine their own lands!!! SA IS FLOURISHING FROM OUR WEALTH!!! While we perish!!!

  3. Over 100 years of allowing others to loot your land is an abomination!!! If we mine our own gold and then sell with mandates to devote part of funds to develop the community!! If they mine our gold they take the lion share and give us pieces and that is unacceptable!!! We should be at the gate way NOT a foreign entity!!!

  4. It’s absurd!!! How can a mine in Ghana be owned by a foreign entity!! We give contracts to foreign companies who basically come and loot our gold and give us nothing! They take to their country and refine and become wealthy off our freakn gold!! While we remain impoverished!! Our leaders are excuse me to say IDIOTS!! THEY ARE FOOLISH for allowing this to transpire for 100+ years!! ! I AM
    PISSED BEYOND WORDS!! Like WTF! Do they have WATER for Brains!!! None of these western nations would Ever sit there and allow another foreign company to take gold
    For over 100 years without learning the technology themselves!!! This is unbelievable!!! WE NEED TO BUILD OUR OWN REFINERIES! MINE OUR OWN GOLD AND DEVELOP OUR NATION! If we manage our resources No reason why ALL Ghanians cannot get free education and free healthcare!! Ghana we must change course! We must begin to think about long term
    Instead of short term pleasures! Build a refinery NOW AND FUTURE GENERATIONS will have NO need to risk their lives crossing the Atlantic to imbibe in modern day slavery if they dont die in the journey!!!

  5. These foreign companies are paying local cheifs bribes to monopolize our gold sources .. corruption at its best!!! Ghananians should be allowed to mine our own gold and sell to the highest bidder and using the money to develop our country!! Ghana is smaller than California yet more resources than the whole western world!!! What at all is wrong with us!!!

  6. God Bless Nana for taking this initiative!!! My he live long and rule for another term!!! Without consistent electric power we will never get out of the dark ages!!!

  7. Not only Obuasi am sad as a Tarkwa born person . Is very bad mining cities are not developed in Ghana. So what happend to our leaders . Oooh God bless Nana Addo for waking the people up on mining fund.

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