Libya Now Has A Thriving Open Slave Trade – Thanks Hillary

Hillary’s war in Syria has not only resulted in great loss of life, misery, and suffering but now… trading of African slaves. Will Hillary do anything to help the people in Syria? No. Not on you’re life.


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  1. Thanks to the guy in the vid for giving such a good accurate report!. Is this your channel (the seeker)?, cuz I would like to sub.

  2. So now that Hillay’s war in Libya has turned that country into a hellhole, do ya think Hillary or Obomba will do anything to help right the wrongs that they have done? Not a chance.

  3. Lydia is a Muslim country.
    And owning slaves and selling slaves is not new.
    It just not as open .
    And only the Lydia people know where to find them.
    And it a long time for someone to said something

  4. Mauretania has traded black slaves for decades. Mauretania does this without western intervention. Im against western intervention but you cant blame it all on that

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