Leaks from Eritrea, Africa's North Korea

Eritrea is the most censored country in the world, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists and Reporters Sans Frontières. Often referred to as Africa’s North Korea, the Eritrean government controls the flow of information with vigilance, restricting any dissenting voices from reaching the people.

As a result, Eritrean activists are forced to get creative. Through pirate radio, cold calls, messages on banknotes and posters put up in the dead of night, dissidents find ways to generate the only resistance they can.

VICE News follows members of the Eritrean diaspora community in Europe as they run radio stations, maintain online opposition sites and help to organize those still in Eritrea.

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50 Responses

  1. 1% internet, 6%mobile phones ?!? WTF
    Nasty place, nasty "country" !!!

  2. Our country door is open for our Eritrean brothers and sisters we love you 😍
    Ur brother from Ethiopia 🇪🇹

  3. 6:34 his accent sounds more of Ethiopia. Decent than Eritrean, he wasn’t pronouncing most of his words correctly and no disrespect but don’t have an Ethiopian in interview pretending to be Eritrean. Not condoning any actions by Eritrea!!

  4. This shit is so racist. Even the title is used to demonize the country to the viewer before they even watch the video. Africa’s North Korea. Vice once again proving they are the hipster arm of the US state department

  5. its just sad knowing that they have dreams while i just sit at home and watch youtube everyday

  6. Why do you fools think you can reinvent the Communist wheel
    It is failed flawed over.
    Foolish uneducated Communist.

  7. if west want dictator down one group of special forces would take him down or one well guided rocket but I have a little doubt that our leaders really want that guy’s head

  8. China is ripping children away from Uighur parents, putting them into camps and brainwashing them. This year, VICE News’ Isobel Yeung went undercover to reveal what is happening. Watch the full doc now –

  9. 4:05 the road is smoother than the roads where I live in the us 😂😂

  10. The lousy Italian he want to colonize Eritrea again or what ??? Viva Isaias he was right and he knows how to deal with his people viva Isaias

  11. Will these countries never be able to take care of themesleves… They´re like retarded children with their povertry, crime and wars… century after century

  12. Reporter: "Everybody is forced to join the army, and Eritrea isn’t even at war!"

    Same reporter 5 seconds later: "Btw, meet this wonderful rebel army that regularly attacks Eritrea."

  13. Great, another country i have never heard of that i wish i never had, humanities is collapsing from within as it must. Parasites dont last long.

  14. armed groups fighting and "no one" can stop it, well they don’t produce their weapons so cut the supply (surely all intelligence agencies know all of the suppliers), there is no need for embargos and make civilians suffer even more, just stop the weapons. But then big fat grey haired bosses from US, EU, Russia and other countries would not get the pay check. So no rather watch the people die and make the rich richer.

  15. Fkkkkk behhhhh ngggg he’d esssd er no no no er er er fkkkkk behhhh lbbbb behhhhhh lba no er monger behhhhh 👎👇👎👇👎👇👎👇👎👇👈👈👇👎

  16. Thank you very much the dictator of Eritrea from the beginning his aim is to destroy Eritrean people and now after we get freedom no Constitution no democracy no human right Hugh Claus one University and he opened more than 450 prison all Christian believers and 93 years old pop of orthodox they are in prison and he closed all Catholic Hospital and Clinics to destroy the people he is the devil no one is in the walk like him

  17. Vice News, although I don’t always agree with your world view, may I say to you that I appreciate your willingness and sacrifice to bring news of this magnitude to viewers who would perhaps not see or hear it. It is not only informative but necessary —no, critical that it continues to be seen and heard. Again, thank you.

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