Killing Of Nigerians In South Africa Will Not Be Tolerated Anymore – Abike Dabiri

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50 Responses

  1. Check the root cause – it is not xenophobia . You cannot stop the river at the flood plain. Stop the river at the source. Crime is the source of the problem.

  2. SA should be ashamed. All the support Nigerians showed for their land and people only for xenophobic behaviors to be returned. They’ll regret this

  3. Let’s find a solution. One ❤️. Governments to should ensure that policies are citizen friendly. If you are coming to do business in Nigeria, you must either enter into a 50/50 venture with a Nigerian and/ or surrender 50% of your profits if over a certain threshold. Make these polices less onerous on fellow Africans. All African countries should adopt this.

  4. The Nigerian men saying South African women are prostitute they use them to get what they want, what the meaning of this?

  5. And to think Nigeria got sanctioned while fighting for this south Africans against arpatheid.
    I am sure we won’t make that mistake again.
    One thing I like about Nigeria is that it always remember.
    When ghadafi was talking nonsense about Nigeria, Nigeria didn’t say anything.
    The country paid him back when he needed Nigeria.
    I am sure Nigeria will never forget this one also.

  6. Talk about boko haram, cannibalism act.. how many South African are being killed here in South Africa because of crime??? You guys use common sense!!! Nonsense

  7. The problem will be solved if everyone can go back to their country and leave South Africans in peace. Nigerians are performing very cruel criminal events in SA

  8. Since Nigerians claim south Africa is a high crime country why are the Nigerians eager to come to South Africa? Nigeria is in the northern hemisphere of Africa and South Africa is at the bottom tip of the southern hemisphere of Africa, how many countries did cross/jump to get to the so called high crime country. Easy them go back home and let’s see if south Africa will still be a high crime country? All south Africans know this not "the freedom our beloved late president Nelson Mandela fought for"

  9. Yes NIGERIANS prostitution human trafficking SCAMMING…drug DEALING…fighting South African police will be tolerated….how about ur Angel NIGERIANS HANG by Saudi Arabia and Malaysia….

  10. What about Nigerians killing, raping, and trafficking children to other countries? The story is bigger! There is two sides to the story…

  11. I wish South Africa and Nigeria can address this matter honestly. For now ,only one side is criticised. What is the root cause of this problem? Can we address it. Killings are on both sides. I am not supporting killings on both sides. The behaviour of foreign nationals in South Africa must be addressed as well. It must not be only this xenophobic rhetoric. There are other deep concealed issues that should be dealt with. Political correctness is not going to solve the problem.

  12. It seem like u don’t know what u are saying , e never happened to u that why u dey talk nonsense . We are tired of this nonsense close anything that belongs to them

  13. As a south African I apologize deeply and profoundly to anyone affected by xenophobia. Thousands of south Africans are taking a stand against xenophobia because an African will never be a foreigner in an African country

  14. It’s easy to just sit down and point fingers at each other. Judging from the comments made by Nigerians in both the video and the comments section I can tell they have no idea of what is happening in SA. No Nigerians are being targeted, everyone is affected by the crime activities taking place in SA you guys have no idea how many SA citizens die every day.

  15. Maybe the biggest warning to Nigerians should be, do not go to South Africa!!! There are so many Nigerians is South Africa, they seem to love SA even with the high crime rate!

  16. Madam stop talking and just keep quiet because if it was your children that was slaughtered you wouldn’t be there talking calmly like someone with her last breath, you all are a monumental failure to our country and her citizens, if our juridicial systems works accordingly you all would be charge for complicity to genocide against Nigerians and discharge of you individual duties and be put to jail because you people had failed our country and her citizens woefully, because a oath of office that Mr President took was to protect our country and her citizens which you all had failed in doing totally, one/two of your citizens slaughtered was enough for you people to shut down south Africa embassies to Nigeria and issue diplomatical banned but you people neglected the horro done against our brothers and sisters simply because they were not you people’s children or relative’s and to that heartlessness and negligence of you people’ led to a genocide against our people, but remember, this war you people are building up will soon devour all of you when all Nigerians will rise up because it’s very near already if you people don’t retract your evil step against our people, and believe me even the weakest amongst us will become monsters that will get you terrify to your very bone marrow just by looking them in the eyes,

  17. These people must go back we don’t need them, they are here to destroy our country. As for these fools they are all talking crap.

  18. Nigeria wake up they need war let give them war until they remember that we are giant of Africa. yes we give South Africa food when they have there independent

  19. Stop rechecking .. you are confused about the money they are giving to you.. thieves… stop their Companies and stop the traveling of our people to SA .. simple

  20. AFRICAN leaders are not doing their job that is why all these things happening to us.
    So it makes flod and Crime became very huge in the Continente.
    Just to sell all our Natural Resources out to the other Continentes with Colonial Masters Price not the real price.
    So the population are incresing but no jobs. Because our Natural Resources are taking Care of other Continentes. SO ÁFRICA IS EMPTY ONLY POVERTY AND CRIMES.
    If all the Áfrican Countrys are useing their wealth really to take Care of their own Citizens never something like this can happen to us.

  21. Reading the comments down here, and I’m amazed at them, what do you mean by south Africans are been killed, why should Nigerians in south Africa be treated differently, my God!!! South Africans that are being killed were they killed by mobilized south Africans, or informs of riots? Its xenophobic! Nigerians are being killed in south Africa by south Africans that are xenophobic.
    Jeezzz… this is just too much too often, I better not set my eyes on any south African ever again in my life.

  22. South Africa has been plagued with Taxi violence and being involved in that industry, one will not be immune to attacks. There is nothing Xenophobic about it and stop being cry babies.

    More South Africans are being killed and Trafficked by Nigerians. Crime does not have nationality and it is unfair to expect South Africans to apologise for acts of criminality, more so like expecting Nigeria to apologise for the drug trafficking plaguing the country.

  23. Many of these foreign nationals have no respect for South african laws. What are these countries doing to stop their people from committing serious crimes in country? Some parts in joburg have been completely taken over by foreigners, we have been complaining about this for a very long time now

  24. The President of South Africa, Mr Ramaphosa is an Instigator. He’s an Enabler. Check his Presidential campaign speech out.

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