Kidnappings in Ghana: Data shows Nigerians are largely involved in the menace

Kidnappings in Ghana: Data shows Nigerians are largely involved in the menace

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  1. Please check the police too background most of them are nigerians yes most of them are nigerians that is why they are not doing nothing about it even listen to what the professor was saying and l qoat lets we nigerias take hold of ghanaians ports,immigrations,all their authorities police and so on,we have to be serious

  2. The fact is that there are collaborators in Ghana who are aiding these kidnappers. The Ghanaian doesn’t mind fronting for someone to dupe his own family

  3. Ghana don’t need Nigeria to develop, shot our boarders till we have an effective data system to monitor and have good intelligence on the foreigners, what’s going on is the beginning and won’t get better but worse so we need to step up our games.

  4. Ghanaians we should wake up this old leaders don’t care about us let’s us not wait for government or police they won’t help us let we the citizens chase them.

  5. Listen to me well Ghanaians are not born criminals but always copping Nigerians style of criminality . There should be a complete house to house count and check residents in Ghana make sure to verify each residents’ claim of jobs what they for income . Also , the new free jhs/shs has created a trend for Nigerians move to Ghana to take advantage of the free education in Ghana . Get rid of Nigerians in Ghana ! They are responsible for all the criminal activities going on in Africa . Boko hara’s activities in Nigeria, they are all running to else where in Africa , especially Ghana ! They are taking over all the prime business areas throw bribery !

  6. Hellooo"my fellow Ghanaian, Nigerian can leave if urs security service stops taking bribes from them bcos they never know natin abt urs nation bt the support come from the citizens check your security service bcos south Africans hate them both the government nd the citizens just allow the passport holders as genius residents permit holders period

  7. You Ghanaians are funny! 8 people were involved in the kidnapping, 5 of them were Ghanaians now to save you from embarrassment you put all your attention on the 3 Nigerians. Big joke! You’re trying to tell the white people that you’re innocent, did the Canadian embassy blast you for your insecurity and you’re scared of losing out on tourism money so you pass the buck? The joke is in you 👉

  8. Please my brothers ghaneans take this seriously, you have now a lot of people coming to your country, africains americains specialy , you have to be very careful with nigerians ,my brothers they already speaking english like ghana don’ t play with nigerians your brother from ivory coast

  9. Shame to evil dowers Ghanaians whom collected 60ghs to registered Nigerians with Ghana Card and Ghanaians passport and documents of our lovely country.

  10. These Nigerians have taken advantage of our weak systems, the legal,security, unorthodox business etc. A Nigerian has taken over my house for 4yrs without paying a pesewa and the courts which is supposed to protect the citizens have failed us. For over 2 years the courts have failed to give me back my property because I am a widow living abroad and can’t bribe my way up in the court.
    It’s really a shame that a simple case like mine can not be handled by the court the High Court as such!!!

  11. Ghana needs to quickly clump down on this. Stiffen the penalty for this type of crime before it tarnishes the image of the country. Give the culprits life in prison and they’ll think twice about doing this. Get serious, otherwise the country will suffer economically as people, especially from Europe and America, quit visiting the country. Wake up Ghana.

  12. The Ghana government should take this very serious. if not the year of return will be a failure. Security should and must not be compromised.

  13. Nigerians must go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ghana needs to secure their borders and start immigration checks on all non Ghanaians living in Ghana.

  14. kasoa police and immigration officers are busy collectting money from nigerian and become important duty for them instead of checking their documents

  15. Such behavior is and an act of TERORRISM because this action of kidnapping is TERRORIZING Ghanaians; hence, It is time to SMOKE THEM OUT from their hiding places, jail them and deport them.

  16. Ghana has to wake up and ban all Nigerians from coming into the nation ….they are destroying our beautiful and peaceful nation… if it was the other way trust and believe Nigeria will ban and deport us Ghanaians

  17. The white man wants African America country’s to use Ecowas in our country’s, why their country don’t use Ecowas? African leaders it’s time for you to do something about this foolish Ecowas. NDC party leaders are responsible for all the kidnapped in Ghana. It time for Ghana Government to do what’s necessary ,kick all the Nigerians out of Ghana very wicked and evil people. Ghana Government for get about Ecowas .

  18. 5 Ghanaians, 3 Nigerians, yet the blame game ignores the 5 Ghanaians who are majority and focus on the 3 Nigerian minority in the crime.

  19. The government should STOP 🛑 FOOLING and provide security 🚨 CAMERAS 🎥 in all over the country and stop those minimal jobs that they are doing. And to Ghana immigration is also sleeping we don’t have the necessary equipment to do work as immigration service even at at the airport is very sad 😭 we don’t have any check point or any scanner that scans who ever is coming into the country or what ever he or she is bringing into the country. Is sad even at ghana airport boo scanner to scan you you just go like that. The government should stop fooling I will say it again and provide the necessary equipment to curb security in the country not given them cars 😂 siaaaaasem. Wake up. Your concern should be at the immigration service I swear is very week is even dead heeeer check point in ghana is loose is not strong at allllllllll apuuuuu kiiia.

  20. I don’t know if i should feel bad about it, but i think i am understanding the xenophobic attacks from the South African point of view.

  21. Maxwell Nyarko .
    If the the Ghana Government is very much aware of Nigerians evolving themselves in kidnapping and other gross offenses in the Country, what action is the Government taking? Some thing drastically have to be done with out favour of ECOWAS.

  22. Ghana Government must issue a decree to combat crime ! Nigerians are so good in bribery schemes and how to set up their hired residence so as to avoid being seen from street level . Nigerians are simply criminals .

  23. Instant passport in Ghana is only ghc500.. just give them your name and the rest will be sorted for by the passport office .. money talks

  24. As a Ghanaian I’m ashamed of us for spewing this hateful narrative…we have all these abrofo in Ghana raping little boys and girls, we won’t do anything about that, but we want to blame Nigerians for crime in Ghana? Ghana police get a little bit of training from the corrupt Canadian police and now they’re talking about “hate crime”…shame on us. As for this Security Analyst…is he saying that Ghanaians are saints? Or that Ghanaians are docile? Since independence, a few elites have installed themselves as masters of the country taking turns looting…we won’t deal with that… Ghana democracy is nothing but a deal among the elites to use democracy (elections) as a way to get power for the purpose of enriching themselves, but we won’t deal with that… we have a constitution that allows for no accountability on the part of government, we won’t deal with that… what we need is a RESET button…not to distract the masses with xenophobic rhetoric. This man talking about statistics? Does he know what statistics are? It’s history? How it’s utilized to deceive the masses and justify injustice? Of course not, he’s a slave robot, programmed with a particular set vocabulary that he uses to create sentences that will induce a particular emotional response, and it appears from this comment section he’s getting the response he wants. Shame.


  26. To Nigerians, why are you destroying your country’s name all over the world. Europeans are afraid of you. Asians are afraid of you and most Africa countries don’t like you. You came to someone’s country to kill, arm robbing kidnapping and 419 by taking peoples money from their account across the world. Why are majority of you soo criminals? When you do this it affected the good Nigerians. Young Nigerians today wants quick money. I, was robbed by Nigerian person in Europe and because of that, it has affected my life and my families till date. Even Now I find it very very difficult to make friends with Nigerians. Why? Ghanaians are very humble and hard working people but when you came to the country you are destroying the youth. Too bad.

  27. capital punishment for kidnapping. that is the only way we can put a stop to this cancer propagated by that useless ECOWAS

  28. Unfortunately nothing will happen. Ghana has a very weak leader and the other one in opposition too is the same

  29. This Nigerians are taken Ghana card already but why all this aba, and even our birth certificate, they must Arest those giving them all this document.

  30. The Nigerian officials in Ghana are just as bad as the Nigerians in Ghana themselves! I have said this before they are all criminals! I hope the police give them a good beating and jail and deport them after to their God forsaking country!

  31. You guys want to cancel the ECOWAS free movement but you clowns were the ones to sign the new African free trade which provide even bigger access across Africa.

  32. Ghana government should go after Evans wife, the notorious kidnapper and sent her and family out of Ghana, his two house at spintex road be sealed off. Also police should start arresting Nigerians driving cars with foreign numbers, it helps them in crimes. Ghanaians should confront any Nigerian driving cars with foreign numbers.

  33. You guys are doing everything possible to bring Nigeria down,buh it can’t be possible.ah don’t know why u guys are just jealous.

  34. Kid napping should be made unacceptable and they should be put in prison for life in prison! Or firing squads!

  35. Nigerians will destroy Ghana. This is just the beginning, it is a matter of time. Nigerians have tarnished their name and reputation with all sorts of crimes ranging from kidnappings, cyber thefts and all kinds of fraudulent activities across the globe, they don’t have a good name anywhere. If you will all remember, just recently, hundreds of Nigerians were deported from South Africa because of these same issues of kidnappings, cyber thefts and other serious crimes, they’ve all turned their attention to Ghana, the next place to destroy.
    Ghana must take immediate action to address this issue, this is no joke, it is just a matter of time and these Nigerians will turn the streets of Ghana into a jungle, if you doubt it, watch. They will eventually make Ghana unlivable, that’s exactly how they’ve made their country, it is their identity (if I say ‘they’ I am referring to most of them because out of every 10 Nigerians you come across, believe it or not, 8 of them are involved in these activities), they enter your country and begin to destroy it.
    The sad part of it is that Ghanaians do not seem to understand the magnitude of what Nigerians are doing to their country, some Ghanaians even partner with them to carry out these crimes because of their ‘stomach’, every money you collect from them, all those bribes are money obtained through crime, this is how foolish some of these Ghanaians are, they only think about what to eat ‘immediately and now’ without thinking about what follows, without thinking about the effects on the country, effects locally and also at the international circles. If your country becomes unlivable, there will be no investors.
    GHANA WAKE UP, NIGERIANS ARE DESTROYING YOUR COUNTRY AND IT IS JUST A MATTER OF TIME AND YOU CANNOT LIVE IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY. If your country is destroyed, if it becomes unsafe to live in, it will be too late, you will have no place you call home. DEPORT THEM!, PUT UP IMMEDIATE MEASURES AND LET THE LAWS GO TO WORK, PARLIAMENT SHOULD INTRODUCE NEW LAWS, LAWS THAT ADDRESS THESE PRESENT THREATS TO THE HARD-EARNED SAFETY THAT HAS FOR A LONG TIME CHARACTERISED GHANA; PROSECUTE THEM AND IMPLEMENT SEVERE JAIL SENTENCES, REVISE THE ‘SO CALLED ECOWAS TREATY’, your country is gradually being led by Nigerians into a state that you yourself haven’t seen before, and you are allowing it because it is your country, no one opens his doors to a stranger to come in and destroy his home in his own house, only Ghanaians will do this, no country will tolerate this. Let even one Ghanaian do these things in Nigeria and see if he/she will live. Remember, it is gradual, Nigerians will destroy your country. Do not pretend, do not take things lightly, ‘Ghana is safe’ will be a thing of the past if this issue is not addressed as a serious national crisis.

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