Just In : No Justification For Attack On Foreign Nationals–South African President

South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, on Tuesday, condemned the recent attack on Nigerians and other foreign nationals in the country.

Ramaphosa said there is no justification for the attack on foreign nationals.

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  1. I m totally disappointed in this man body language. Your people are doing all D’s, killing other black race and you re there talk like a toad.

  2. You are condemning yourself. Go back to your old videos, where you incited people that foreigners are responsible for their problems. Stupid, juseless, evil sell out President. Go drink with your friend ruppert for a job well done. You all will pay.

  3. This is A Load of HOT AIR.
    Absolute PIDDLE.
    Cyril Ramaphosa-wetin-call, tell your people that Nigeria, under Obasanjo etc, was highly instrumental in ENDING APARTHIED.
    Stop playing Games.
    Stop playing with Words.
    Who are you deceiving?
    Just know ONE THING :
    An Igbo Adage says that :
    "I ta m alu n’isi ma i zee ro ubulu,
    m m’atagi n’ike, m m’ezero nsi."
    Meaning :
    If you bite me in the head WITHOUT minding the brain ( tissue,) WHEN I bite you in the NYASH (buttocks,) I will not mind the shit ( the poo-poo) in your nyash.
    South Africa will lose WOEFULLY here. Don’t mess with Igbos.
    Go and see what tiny Israel does to those who mess with their own.
    We Shall NOT forget.
    We MUST NEVER Forget.

  4. Just look at this ugly idiot. See how calm he is saying he condemns this and that. What does condemning solve???? Animal.

  5. This is not the first time the South Africans attacked African foreginers. They did the exact same thing 4 years ago. You can watch it online. They burned people alive and hacked to death. Now they want forgiveness again?

  6. He should God damn shut up and fuck off ! He started the dawn of what happened by using such as election campaign. He gave them the initiative parade of what they are doing ,I bet even if they arrest any south African he will do no shit because the video of his campaign promises are there where he said that foreigners are Taking over there businesses and menial jobs , went further to say it will come to a stop. Now he is hidding under the carpet of diplomatic idiot . Compound fool ! Rat race talking …

  7. This will go along way …. I know Nigerians we shall revenge. .. even if it takes years … u people can’t go away with it… if I see any south Africans in Nigeria I will kill


  9. Sir the optics’s says it all. Seems to me that you are indirectly in support of what is going on. First your speech dwell heavily on “ people in South Africa with businesses “ forgetting the fact that irrespective of the crime no one is allowed to take the laws into their own hands. Your sitting posture also did not convey as someone who actually realizes the gravity of the situation “ that is as the chief law enforcement officer of your country law and Oder is breaking down in some parts of your country “ the posture convey not only weakness but RELUCTANCE which tells me that either you don’t really care about the attacks maybe for your domestic political reasons or you don’t really have competent handlers to guide you accordingly just like your Nigerian counterpart

  10. Bla Bla Bla with no action is meaningless. This has being going on for years is not new. Am sad, we Africans are watching you people mmm.

  11. You all this president are evil, talking and doing another thing behind do you people think we don’t knw anything stop deceiving people

  12. These fucking cunts we are burning down are destroying our community n depreciating our country if you as a government can not act on this ul hv to act on cleaning up all these dead body remember every action has a reaction I don’t condone in violence but as a
    South African we have been fighting for our rights for decades we will not allow any race or nation to do what the Afrikaans did to us we will act on violence because this is the form of action u as a government will react to sort it out evict them or will burn them n ul hv to clean up the mess

  13. Mr President, it’s either you are too weak to condemn the attacks or you have a hand in it. You don’t speak to the caliber of a seating president, not authoritative at all.

  14. I am from south Africa..the president must stop delivering speeches and stop this madness happening here 😢💔

  15. South Africa want to put them selves into slavery.with time all the south Africans youths will suffer for this even to travel outside Africans they can’t anymore

  16. Is good they kill more Nigerian s bcos when is time God knows Nigerians we never forgive n forget this in a hurry,I really blame d ones go in to south Africa for business when there is abuja,Lagos,rivers,calabar n Benue for all kind of business,

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