Jono Stevens: Black Cab Sessions.

Black Cab Sessions is a simple yet brilliant concept: ‘one song, one take, one cab’. Launched in 2007, it’s an idea that has seen the founders, Jono Stevens and Chris Pattinson, record and film live sessions with some of the world’s biggest artists, all in the back of a London cab. They’ve generated millions of video views and left many an unwitting cabbie with a genuine ‘you’ll never guess who I had in the back of my cab’ story.

Jono discusses the ‘knock on effects of doing something silly’. In this deeply inspiring talk, he tells us about travelling the USA with Jack White in back and Jonhn C Reiley at the wheel, hosting London gigs for Hollywood actors, and, somehow, developing a cult following in Burkino Faso. His talk is followed by a live session with Family Rain.

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