Ivory Coast: UN Police ensuring security of Gbagbo, wife

Ivory Coast – United Nations: Gbagbo “alive and well”. Ivory Coast strongman Laurent Gbagbo has been captured and taken to the Abidjan headquarters of his rival Alassane Ouattara, diplomatic sources say.

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  2. Gbagbo has been captured but the problem is not over. As long as he will be alive, this thing will not be over. The tension will remain .. Sarkozy and the UN have messed this country up!

  3. French economy collapse without the exploitation "ex" french colony. so whenever an African leader refuse to be french puppet he has to be removed . GnassingbĂ© EyadĂ©ma was terrorizing Togolese people for 38 years , Omar Bongo president of Togo for 42 years, Paul biya 29 years etc…but of course they are not big deal since they are doing well their job (exporting their resources to france for a misery while their people are still suffering).how did we come to so much greed and hypocrisy?

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