Ivory Coast: Gbagbo captured, taken to Golf Hotel

Ivory Coast – Gbagbo captured by Pro-Ouattara forces. With our correspondent in Abdijan.

Ivory Coast strongman Laurent Gbagbo has been captured and taken to the Abidjan headquarters of his rival Alassane Ouattara, diplomatic sources say.

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  1. Africans fight for your independence. African rise up and fight for your independence.  God  

  2. @LaMills76
    No, Gbagbo hate france because they didn’t want to support his dictature when he asked to.
    Check your facts, china, US and african countries themselves does LOT more mess in africa than France or Europe.

  3. This needs to happen more often. If these self-absorbed, self-aggrandizing, egomaniacal African leaders can’t accept the will of the people in their countries, maybe a little bit of fear of the wrath of the U.N., France, America, the African Union (yeah, right!), or SOMEONE, will teach them, FOR ONCE, to do the right thing when the time has come to bow out.

    Hopefully, aspiring African tyrants will now turn their eyes to Gbagbo’s fate, rather than being inspired by the likes of Mugabe.

  4. @MrStaxxy Bullshit.. The whites always fool the afrikans from the beginning.. taking away all the treasures from afrika.. still now the controll all those fools who call them self presidents..dogs i call them..Gbagbo behave like gadaffi n never let any white fucker comand him.. thats the problwm.. france n america are helping the person they can control…to keep on stealing from ashames of our afrikan rulers today.. the havent inprove no bit

  5. Imerialism has started again… & the Africans allow it….AGAIN.

    A people that stupid will not have much to say when slavery 2 comes into effect.
    As a black man in the west I am agast!!

  6. Handout that what wat a art want for africa a land of proud men sham on you go and d** somewhere we will fight until the and

  7. boo shit. well i guest now all hell will break lose in ivory coast. now the UN ad france can sit down and watch the bloodbath as ivorians are slaughtered by the rebels.

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